Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Approach to 40k 6th Edition

After a devastating recent encounter with a Dark Eldar army, I was convinced on 2 things on 6th edition: 1) Close combat is a last resort measure; the combination of overwatch, random charge distance and the added extra dimension of flyers rendered the traditional close combat death stars too rigid for the modern battlefield. 2) Multiple small units with some core elements is the way to go... and you need to pick your units very carefully. 

A sign of modern time, any unit you inducted into your list should have dual capabilities unless they are really really dirt cheap. Stagnant and underutilized resources are the great pit falls of any 40k army. A great example would be a 5 men tactical marine squad dedicated to capping objective. Just to give you an idea for the same points you could get a scout sniper team with rocket launcher who could  lend some fire support while they are capping or 10 men IG veterans with 2 melta guns who are more capable of earning back their keeps.

So there you have it, I am concluding this post with my newly finished painted storm trooper squad with dual role: 1) Strategic deep strike to take out vital target 2) If option 1 proves too suicidal or futile, go deep behind enemy line for line breaker point.
2 pistols, Yipikaye Mother f**ker!

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