Friday, February 15, 2013

Chaos Rising -- as cheesy as it sounds

I have since had 3 games with my WIP chaos army with one theme in mind -- hordes of angry people under the command of even angrier people. One of the game was chronicled by the meticulous Cheng in his blog.

Other than the part of needing to further thinking on figuring out how to have the opponent staying put while a sea of cultists flooded them.. I am quite happy at the army's performance. A little bit more play test and tweaking with the list and it should stand firm to all but the cheesiest list out there.

But to win is not the primary reason I started the chaos army, I started it because of the only logical reason to do so... an excuse to field tonnes of angry people, under the command of even angrier people wearing awesome ornated power armor.

There the angry lead by the angrier will charge down the field, shouting, cursing, shooting and basically  messing the whole place up... let the table burn!

Anyway lets have at look at the WIPs. With the Dark Vengeance set one have access to some of the most awesome looking power armoured guys to date, naturally I resorted to attempt using the models from there to make up my army.Following my old habit of cloning unique codex characters with kit bash model here I have a clone of Hurion, guess I will name him "Helion Dark Hearts" for simplicity sake, below is the said fella at about 80% into painting progress.
He carries this HUGE chaos symbol on his back
so no one is confused who is in charge down there. 
One difficult decision I had to face is choosing between using the standard CSM box marines for my chosen or use the converted Dark Vengeance chosen. Problem being while the DV chosen totally out leagued the standard plastic box counter parts in terms of the sheer overall power armor feel, their biggest hurdle being the dreaded single pose problem -- and I have to field 8 of these guys!

After some back and forth deciding on this, for my personal reference I would rather suffer the single pose issue than the other, so seven more clones would be on their way... 
See the blue guy? He is like totalling out of place amongst the other dudes... 
and he is the best dressed dude from his box!.

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  1. Alternatively you can cut off their arm and change their pose a little..