Sunday, November 20, 2011

Redeye Legio Campaign Blood Angel Armor Convoy

I just finish the campaign at Legio Malaysia. I would like to reveal my BA Mech list I used in the campaign. This is a modified version of my previous Armor Convoy list.

Lib HQ (Str 10 Sword + 5+ Shield)

Assault Termies (4 Hammer 1 Claw)

Sang Priest

Furioso Lib Dread (Wings + Might of Ancient)

2 X Baal Predator (TL Assault Cannon and Heavy Bolter Sponson )

2 X Predator Annilator ( TL lascannon and Lascanon sponson )

Storm Raven (TL Assault Cannon + TL Multi Melta)

2 X Assault Squad ( Meltagun)

Dedicated Transport

2 X Razorback ( Lascannon + TL Plasma Gun)

Overall I must say that this list perform better than my previous list both in the campaign and off. The Storm raven with the Terminator and Dread make a huge impact in the game. Now the rest of the army just provides fire support while the Storm raven with the deadly cargo goes for the kill.

Also I also change in tactical uses of the army nowadays. Last time I used to go into this tight defensive formation which did show some success but proven too rigid to adapt. Nowadays the whole army can eitier go into this tight castling formation or loose formation. Which mean I eitier reserve everything or every unit is scatter all over the place. It’s good against nasty deathstar unit or anyone with crap load of pie template weapons. As I can split up and not get my tank line overrun. Also taking advantage of my fast tank I can displace quickly so I can afford to go aggressive to enemies who are turtling or evade enemies that are to close.

However this list still suffer the same pitfalls my entire previous BA Mech list. Especially list that have a lot of long range high redundancy high Str weapons. All it takes even a couple of stuns and shaken and I am pretty much out of the fight. Assault Terminator and Lib Dreadnought are nasty but if support is compromise then they die from overwhelming numbers.

Anyway I was actually planning to put them to vacation much earlier but because of Legio campaign I decided to give them another shot. Since it the only army I have that fully painted and WYSIWYG. So i guess with the campaign over i be putting them on vacation and be working on another army for KDU Magacon.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Troop Choice Deep striking, Guess who is coming?

Another week, another comic. Remember you can always get a bigger view on the picture by clicking it. May be one more comic strip for the csms... as long as I have Bodohias under my command for the time being. Till then, enjoy the eternal war!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Always New Nasty Surprise

Click on the picture to view in large size. Special thanks to Cheng for his guest starring CSMs. Also hope to borrow more minis from the guys I know to run some silly plots for laughs!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Since Wong is in the Halloween spirit, So something i got a long while back so a belated Halloween and tribute to the upcoming release of the new Necron Codex.

Present you Lolicron!!

Drawn by