Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Battle logs 20110820

Sicarious' formation clashed head on with a core command unit of traitor Lord General Ian forces in the sector. Leading his brothers from the front and caught the heretics off guard with his maneuver, the famous captain was in the thick of close combat with the enemy leader on the second turn. Sicarious and his squad was accounted for the demise of no less than 4 squads of enemies including the commander's squad. The captain even personally executed the last heretic on field with a well aim shot.

Scattering survivors of the captain's wraith tells of a vengeful Sicarious in the front line, brandishing his name card challenging his opponents to finish reading the captain's multiple long titles in a short breath of time ( an impossible human feat, considering the among the captain's titles are Master of the Watch, Knight Champion of Macragge, Grand Duke of Talassar, and High Suzerain of Ultramar, etc ) before being put to the sword.

The captain flatly denied such allegations.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Battle logs 20110814

Combat drill was held between Ultramarine's Second Company Cato Sicarious's formation and Praetors of Orpheus's armored formation. Despite being outgunned, out speed and out match on paper the Ultramarines won the fight under Sicarious's steady leadership. High light of the battle includes a member of the harden war heroes scoring a glancing hit on a librarian dread with a krake grenade in close combat and immobilising the walker in its place, enabling other elements of the Ultramarine chapter to advance with little opposition.


Fresh from their engagement from Ultramarine's second company formation, the Praetors of Orpheus continued to hone their skill with yet another combat drill with Colonel YH's forces stationed in CM sector. This time the Praetors librarian dreadnought unleashed its wraith on a group of guardsman formed up by 4 infantry squads, not even the threat of a commissar was able to kept the guardsmen in the "fight" for long. The engagement however, ends up in a draw as the Praetors failed to contest the objectives despite having the pressing advantage.


Some surviving forces of traitor Lord General Ian headed deeper into the more remote region of the sector and there according to fragmented imperial reports they met face to face with a Tau expedition forces. There the traitors and the xenos clashed, somewhere in the report is was commented the Tau's SMS weapon has a brutal effect on the traitor guardsmen.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Land Speeder Storm- Dedicated transport for Scout?

Lets face it, This is a rarely used or even seen unit for Space Marine codex. It is a inferior unit? No in terms of stats wise it actually a good unit. For 50 pts you get a Land Speeder with Scout rule, Jamming beacon and Scout blazing with Bolter/Shotgun to their enemies .(As they can transport capacity of 5 scouts and open top allow them to fire at enemies)

So what the problem!!.. Its placement in the FOC chart. Just one lone Land Speeder Storm spends one entire fast attack slot. Which it face heavy competition to Land Speeders, Attack Bikes, Assault Space Marine, and Bikes.

So you can get a max of 3 of this and the impact they make to your enemies wont be huge. So my proposal is that to change it to Dedicated transport for scout. ( After all scouts only can ride on them anyway) and soon enough Scout will have a reason to bring their shotguns as they ride out with their Land Speeder ride. Disembarking to punch whoever who insulted their ride.

Mather of fact i did wrote a email GW about and they actually responded.

Here my email

Dear Games Workshop

I find the Land Speeder Storm is a rarely use unit in Warhammer 40K and i rarely see people owning the models within my comunity.

Honestly i actually like the Land Speeder Storm and i find it sad that it is under use by Space Marine players.

I find the problem is that the Land Speeder Storm for just one speeder takes up 1 Fast Attack Slot.

I would like to propose that the Land Speeder Storm to be under Dedicated Transport for Space Marine Scouts. ( After all that thing can only take Scouts). I am sure a simple FAQ can fix this.

I did ask around and players do like the idea and they said they will actually field Land Speeder Storm in their armies if it didnt consume the Fast Attack slot. So i believe that not only people will start buying Land Speeder Storms but more Scouts to carry Bolters or Shotguns or Close combat Weapons.

Thanks for listening a fans request.

Which this is what they responded.

Hi Redeye

Thanks for the email, we have passed this idea on to the design studio on your behalf, however they may not be able to reply due to their busy schedules.


Although its a generic respond but atleast they took a trouble to respond and hopefully my proposal would be considered. Even though is ultra slim but then epic rolls happend.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Purgation Lords Formation: Purging Hammer

This is simply put: a brutal vanilla marine army list to play when either 1. You don't feel like thinking too much or moving too much model, 2. You don't feel like taking any BS that day for some reason.

HQ: Captain Bysunder (Lysander profile)

Elite: Assault terminators, 2 LC, 3 TH/SS
Elite: Assault terminators, 1 LC, 4 TH/SS
Elite: Assault terminators, 1 LC, 4 TH/SS

Heavy Support: Land Raider, multi melta
Heavy Support: Land Raider Crusader, multi melta
Heavy Support: Land Raider Redeemer, multi melta

Troops: Scouts 5 men snipers camo cloak
Troops: Scouts 5 men snipers camo cloak

Total 1750 pts

This list can even be qualified of being "fluffy":-

Purging Hammer is a time tested formation formed by the Purgation Lords in response to critical events when a battle could turn the tides of war, situation like when enemy war leader is sighted or the flank of Imperial formation is in danger of being overrun. There a hero would lead chapter components fully made up of members of the first company, their kill query confirmed by advanced scouts teams infiltrated in key areas and they would strike out in full landraiders formation. Indeed, few opponents can hope to stand against such brutal assault.

The beauty of this list lies in its simplicity: you are simply there to throw the weight of first company around; and by changing the leading hero, the army will response in different way but keep its deadliness. For example you could swap Bysunder for Valcon then suddenly all your multi meltas and Thunder hammers are master crafted, or you can get Shrike in for fleeting assault terminators; or would you rather get a librarian and a chaplain for re roll to hit + null zone combo? The fun never ends... as long as you are not on the receiving end.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sector War Reports

Purgation Lord's first company formation "Purging Hammer" consisting of 3 squad of assault terminators in 3 variant landraiders went for a quick warm up skirmish practice with the Sanguinary guards before heading to stop traitor Lord General Ian's forces. In the drill skirmish Dante, Master of Blood angels, was "killed".

The Purging Hammer task force went forth and intercepted the heretical forces at the mouth of a hill valley. Cornered but not giving up without a fight, the heretics was smashed asunder by the first company but Lords suffered considerable loses.


Practice drill in Hell Forge sector between the elusive Raptor chapter and Praetors of Orpheus resulting in the defeat of the later chapter. The Raptors utilizing their rare stealth chapter tactic was proven too well dug in for the Praetors' armored convoy.


Chaos Lord Lexiss, long thought banished reappear in CM sector with his warp spawned lackeys. The patrolling Praetors of Orpheus responded by mobilizing their famed armored convoy, despite outmatched and outgunned, Lexiss's forces managed to secure a draw, now the opposing forces settled into an uneasy truce.


For reasons unknown there are sighted reports of Grey knights engagement with the Tau Empire. Supreme Grand Master Draigo, accompanied with but a handful of his paladins was spotted fighting with a full cadre of Tau task force in the sector. It was rumored the Grand Master left the battlefield alone.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blood Angel Armor Convoy

Been absent from my usual posting as recently been unemployed and just been not in the mood to write up something.

Anyway i always wanted to write about my Army list but i seem to lack a good picture to show it. So recently courtesy to Wong imba camera i finally gotten a picture of it.

I am sure some of you have already seen this army already. However this is my BA mech spam army that i been working on for quite a while. Overall the army perform well able to handle a variety of opponents.

Here my current 1750 list that i been using for a while

HQ: Libarian (Sword and Shield of Sanguinius)

Honor Guard with 2 Meltagun . 1 combi Plasma and 1 Honor guard with Meltagun and Plasmagun, All equip with jump packs.

Elite: Libarian Furioso Dreadie( Wings and Shield of Sanguinius)

Fast Attack: 2 X Baal Predator with Assault Cannon + Heavy bolter sponson.
Baal Predator with Flamestorm Baal + Dozer blade.

Heavy Support : 2 X Lascannon Predator with Lascannon sponson
Vindicator with Dozerblade

Troops: 2 X Assault Squad with Meltagun
Dedicated Transport: Razorback with lascannon and twinlinked plasmagun

The army is divided for generally 3 separated formation offences, defences and support.

Offences: This consist the Vindicator, 2 Assault Cannon Baal and Libarian Furioso. The Vindi and Baal advance slowly and mantain a base of fire. Their target piority is infantry, monstrous creature and sometimes desperate anti vehicle. The Libarian Furioso follows behind providing its 5+ shield to the tanks . When the formation under attack by assault units so the Libarian Furioso usually uses his Wing to fly ahead of the tanks and assault them. Sometimes i have an Assault squad on razorback in this group if they objective in the middle to secure.

Defences: This group consist the Lascannon Predator, Assault Squad Razorbacks and Librarian. They be at the far corner of the battlefield holding a objective. The Lascannon Predator job is purely anti vehicle usually stopping transport from contesting the objective. Although this group doesnt take alot of attacks but the libarian shield is to protect the tanks when its under attack. His sword is there for last resort assault if enemies manage to go though everything.

Support: The Honor guard and Flame storm Baal are always in reserve. The Honor guard deepstrike to take on any high piority targets meltagun for vehicles and plasmagun for infantry. The Flamestorm baal outflank to take out any troops holding an objective at the far end of the battlefield. Armed with a Str 6 Ap3 flamer weapon most infantry fear this tank.

Overall this list is optimize to take advantage of the Blood Angel fast vehicle and libarian spells. With good array of high Str weapons, Armor 13 overall and mobility this list can handle quite alot of things from hordes to mech spam. However this list comes with limitation as it struggles against list with alot of long range high str weapons. If enemies rolls are good i can potentially lose the game in 1 turn of fire. Also another issue is mass 2+ Elites like Sanguinary Guard or Grey Knight Paladins once they pick off the Vindi they are almost impossible to stop especially if their sv rolls are good.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lately In CM Sector...

The Infamous Traitor Lord General Ian returned from Niphon nebula and starts his campaign of terror in CM sector, the Purgation Lord responded with Wall of Ancient formation consisting 6 dreadnaughts to face his vanguards. The engagement ended in a draw as Ian's army is halted.


Else where in the sector, Cadian garrison forces engaged with one of Ian's army and again the fight ended in uneasy draw, there are rumors of Purgation Lord's first company, lead by Captain Bysunder is on route to strike at the traitors army's heart.