Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cookies for the Grim Dark future

The explosion ripped the rhino  apart and exposed the Oreo cream beneath the earth

If you have ever been to Comics Mart Midvalley for a game of 40k, it is common to hear players asking for a "cookie" when yet another random vehicle exploded to the hostile war zone of the dark grim future.

The term cookie is the nickname for the DIY craters I made a long time ago when I was still fresh to the hobby and was addressing the need for craters when vehicles succumbed to hostile fire. It fact someone once said the cookies were one of the few perks of playing in Comics Mart as most other hobby outlets are ill equipped with such commodities.

The common substitute for the crater for other outlets are the infamous GW moon scape crater but these have some drawbacks in as 1) their size being uneven 2) being genuine GW item; i.e. expensive, most place does not provide them in sufficient numbers 3) Mind boggling as it is, models do not stand well on them.

As the Keeper of Cookies in Comics Mart I have noted the abusive nature of stuff being handled on the table top has literally obliterated some of the cookies over the years. While the number of cookies in the shop remained at a healthy level at the time this is posted the hobbyist in me has already been itching for the making of cookies batch 2.0 with the hobby knowledge I acquired these few years.

Megatron, the cookies were for 40k! 
Of all the hobby centers / outlets I have been to the terrain of one place stood out above the rest: Legio Malaysia. The pieces of terrains there by quality and material are made of ... "sterner stuff", as Optimus Prime would approve. I will try to emulate my batch of cookies 2.0 with that kind of standard in mind.

Emperor willing, hopefully I will have the first batch of cookies 2.0 done during the coming long CNY holidays.

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