Sunday, December 11, 2011

Space Marine Tactical - In Bolters we trust?

From Games Workshop

A while back had a talk with Wong and he mention that i don’t put faith in bolters. At first i just simply said yeah but now i would like to take that back. It’s not bolters I distrust, Its Tactical Space Marine that I don’t have faith with them. Before I go deeper I just would like to state this is just my opinion and not an advice that I recommend to the rest.
The big thing I dislike about them is the whole 10 men heavy weapon and special weapon thing. I understand it is to encourage folks to do combat squad. The usual is 5 men with special weapon with sarge on the move and 5 men with heavy weapon staying back. It sounds nice and all but the truth is you aren’t that great in either role. There do not have enough men to sustain losses in the frontline and you do not have enough firepower to hold enemy off at the rear. Even going full 10 men does create a conflict of either moving to attack or staying back due to their weapons load out. This is something to consider when players get a dawn of war deployment.
In a Space Marine codex Scouts fulfill the staying back roll better with snipers, missile launcher and camo cloaks. So leaving them with frontline role with heavy weapon that is more of a burden. However in the Blood Angel codex Assault Squad fulfills that role better with 1-2 special weapon, jump packs and decent of the angel.
In my opinion the easiest solution for this is just simply allow 5 men Tactical squad to carry a special weapon like their 4th ed counterparts. Then the 10 men option allow either discounted heavy weapon or standard price special weapons.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Redeye Legio Campaign Blood Angel Armor Convoy

I just finish the campaign at Legio Malaysia. I would like to reveal my BA Mech list I used in the campaign. This is a modified version of my previous Armor Convoy list.

Lib HQ (Str 10 Sword + 5+ Shield)

Assault Termies (4 Hammer 1 Claw)

Sang Priest

Furioso Lib Dread (Wings + Might of Ancient)

2 X Baal Predator (TL Assault Cannon and Heavy Bolter Sponson )

2 X Predator Annilator ( TL lascannon and Lascanon sponson )

Storm Raven (TL Assault Cannon + TL Multi Melta)

2 X Assault Squad ( Meltagun)

Dedicated Transport

2 X Razorback ( Lascannon + TL Plasma Gun)

Overall I must say that this list perform better than my previous list both in the campaign and off. The Storm raven with the Terminator and Dread make a huge impact in the game. Now the rest of the army just provides fire support while the Storm raven with the deadly cargo goes for the kill.

Also I also change in tactical uses of the army nowadays. Last time I used to go into this tight defensive formation which did show some success but proven too rigid to adapt. Nowadays the whole army can eitier go into this tight castling formation or loose formation. Which mean I eitier reserve everything or every unit is scatter all over the place. It’s good against nasty deathstar unit or anyone with crap load of pie template weapons. As I can split up and not get my tank line overrun. Also taking advantage of my fast tank I can displace quickly so I can afford to go aggressive to enemies who are turtling or evade enemies that are to close.

However this list still suffer the same pitfalls my entire previous BA Mech list. Especially list that have a lot of long range high redundancy high Str weapons. All it takes even a couple of stuns and shaken and I am pretty much out of the fight. Assault Terminator and Lib Dreadnought are nasty but if support is compromise then they die from overwhelming numbers.

Anyway I was actually planning to put them to vacation much earlier but because of Legio campaign I decided to give them another shot. Since it the only army I have that fully painted and WYSIWYG. So i guess with the campaign over i be putting them on vacation and be working on another army for KDU Magacon.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Troop Choice Deep striking, Guess who is coming?

Another week, another comic. Remember you can always get a bigger view on the picture by clicking it. May be one more comic strip for the csms... as long as I have Bodohias under my command for the time being. Till then, enjoy the eternal war!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Always New Nasty Surprise

Click on the picture to view in large size. Special thanks to Cheng for his guest starring CSMs. Also hope to borrow more minis from the guys I know to run some silly plots for laughs!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Since Wong is in the Halloween spirit, So something i got a long while back so a belated Halloween and tribute to the upcoming release of the new Necron Codex.

Present you Lolicron!!

Drawn by

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My CMM tournament report.

Although i promise myself to write this up as soon i return but procrastination takes its toll. So without futher ado lets begin.(Sorry no pics as i didnt had much chance to take)

Here my Army list for the tourney

Libarian - Sword + Shield
Assault Squad- Meltagun + Infernus Pistol
Scouts - Sniper rifles, Camo cloaks and Missile launcher
Furioso Dreadnought - Frag Cannon + Bloodfist with Meltagun
Attack Bike Squad - 2 Bikers with Mulitmelta
Stormraven - Assault cannon + Multimelta

So first thing in the morning i grab Wong and head to Midvalley. When we arrive Jinn let us view the list of game mission that he be randomly picking them. Some of them were unique and some were really gay or he call it funky. (Fyi the tourney is 3 rounds sort off swiss with random mission)

So more or less around 10:30am. Jinn randomly pick the pairing (I didnt get to watch Wong game so i hope he write his POV)

Round 1
Vs Jake(Tau)
Modified KP ( Every troop choice dies is 1 point)

It was a quick game as I won roll off so i go first. I send everything except the Scout to the front flat out. Jake attempted to take out my Stormraven but his Broadside only got a glance and i pass the cover safe. Next turn i send everyone to take out his Firewarriors while the Stormraven shoots the Broadside. By turn 3 I wipe out everything in the battlefield. So TA victory for me.

Round 2
Vs Zaki( Nid)
Modified objective (every turn troop secure objective is 1 point)

It was a pretty tough game especially Zaki rolls was insanely above average. I couldnt go near the objective as the Mawloc and Genestealer was wreacking havoc into my lines. Highlight of the day was my Frag Cannon inflicting almost 24 wounds on his nids. However by the time i could handle his troops i was to behind in points. So lost.

Round 3
Vs Mark( Chaos)
Modified 1 + 1 (Wack enemy objective to win)

Another straight foward game. He when first so i decided to reserve my stuff except scouts and bikes. So my bikes go straight after his Land Raider which they blew it up. Later on when my Stormraven arrive i send the whole team to kill the Daemon Prince. After dispatching the Daemon Prince I send Furioso to engage his Plague Marine while i send my Libarian and Assault Squad to assault the objective. So another TA victory for me.

Frankly this tourney i was trying hard to think of an army list. As the limitation is huge for me which limit your slots for Fast, Heavy and Elite. Also with little intel of opposing force i decide to take unit that in my experience are reliable. Although the tourney did mention basecoat only but i decided to just get my Scouts painted anyway. I guess i felt i needed to prove a point or something.

Definately Furioso Dreadnought his AV13, Str 10 and Frag cannon definately came handy in most situation.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wooden Stairs The Adeptus Astartes worse enemy

Uploaded with

Totally crack me up and highly recommended to read.

File kinda big so warning for those on slow ass connection.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

For All You Space Marines Players

Feel Free to Add your own caption.

"Look at it this way, it took the Inquisition to stop our date."

Pask is waving, Are you on Imperium side?

Magnetised.. because 50pts is a lot for Imperial Guard!
X ray vision for the turret internal

Hey! Have you seen my heavy stubber? I lost it!
Last is a bigger picture, just click on it for the Commander's full resolution glory. Someone asked who is Pask waving at... my answer? "You who are about to die, I salute you!"

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Big Bad Boys of Cadian 306th

The numbers of Leman Russes under my command grew as the days rolled on, Strangely I found myself deploying a lot of Exterminator pattern as IMHO one of the more reliable Russ pattern around.

The bad boy in the center will get the removable WYSIWYG Commander Pask treatment soon, although to be fair it has already been given that roll and does horrendous damage on battlefield, I mean, really, terrible terrible damage!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Battlelog 20111009

Lightning fast deployment of battle brothers from the first company of Praetors of Orpheus by stormraven gunships see the unconditional surrender of Colonel N who was reportedly about to start civil war in CM sector. The assault terminators had the guards surrounded when the Colonel announced he was ready to "talk". The battle ended at turn 2.


A division of Cadian 306th has reported successfully repelled a Tyranid attack. Fortifying themselves in strategic location, the guard division with the help of imperial fleet and death world veterans completely decimated the xeno attack.

Large brood of genestealers was denied flanking position by orbital bombardment and the Hive Tyrant was blasted to bits when the beast and its minions tried to march over Cadian's carefully laid kill zone. In a freak accident a single genestealer broke through the gun line and killed the Colonel in charged. The Colonel and his retinues were the only casualties reported.

Black Templar Terminator Cares

Surfing the Internet sometimes you can find gem like this. Click on the picture to read the dialogs.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Repainting a Basilisk

Recently a friend of mine has sold me 2 basilisks on generous price. Having recently decided to paint all my IG tanks on this camouflage scheme first conned by another friend, I got down to work.

When the basilisks arrived, they looked like this.

Layers of grey paints, drying and repainting and weathering later.

Also experimenting on modular camo nettings, just because... they made the tanks look extra realistic and hard core. I prefer my IG tanks to look like real tanks than toys.

As you can see, the nettings are remoable, just the way I like it. WYSIWYG incase I decide to buy camo netting upgrades for my tanks!

Oh yes, I will need to attach back the ladder later...

Battlelog 20111002


Recently 306th clashes with the black legion. By emperor's grace commander Pask was in the region, a daemon prince, 2/3 squad of chaos bikers,  a chaos rhino, almost whole squad of khorne berzerkers and many traitor marines was personally sent back to the warp by the legendary tank commander himself. Neither side really gain any strategic advantage.


Recent combat drill held near between Cadian 306th and the Praetors of Orpheus' armored formation has resulted the later being "grind to dust". The Librarian leading the astrates complained of "high strength weapons everywhere".

The Cadian 306th artillery division consists of 2 manticores, 2 basilisks under the cover of 2 vendettas lead by two company command squads each with a master of ordinance. In theory capable of lying down 10 large blast per turn when the emperor wills it. Their relentless bombardment tactic is common referred as "eat dust doctrine", named after the scene which the enemies' position is filled with dust in the air after the bombardment.



Shocking development as the Cadian 306th completely annilated Pra

= Cencored by Inquistion on suspect of Illegal listing =


- Sicarious's back broken by dreadnought in drill

Under the insistence of one of Praetors of Orpheus' librarian dreadnought, Captain Sicarious was forced to took another combat drill with the chapter again. The unnamed Librarian dreadnought personally broke the Captain's line of defense and engaged with Sicarious in a short one sided hand to hand combat before breaking his back.

No one can really pin point how the Captain could have offended the ancient dreadnought but the drill quickly falls apart after that. The famed captain denied having any idea how he could have offended the Librarian dreadnought and has since applied for medical leaves to tend his broken back.