Thursday, September 20, 2012

Air Superiority in 6th Edition

Last weekend I tried for the first time considerable amount of flyers in my list, and the result speaks for itself. Flyers immunity to close combat attacks (i.e. most death stars) and their hard to hit profile made them deadly force in the hands of any capable commander. To add further insult to injury it would seems flyers are best countered with flyers themselves. It would appears the skies of 41st millennium is going to be filled with angry warplanes until most armies can get their hands on decent AAs.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Exploring into Tau at 6th Ed

Hey red here, the reason why have not been posting for so long as i have been in stasis mode since the release at 6th ed. So for now i am in semi stasis mode while exploring Tau that been curious for quite a long time. Even at 5th edition.

Although i don't really have a fix army list yet as i don't even have enough models for a full fledge 1750 force but i definitely going for a battlesuit heavy army. Lets just say i doing it to fulfill the "gundam obsession" within me.

However this are handful of unit that i most likely to field in my Tau army.

Broadside Suit : Obvious reason... (railguns) However i not getting GW standard Broadside as i be making custom made Broadside from Crisis Suit models and parts from Paulson Games (I am using Mech Underslung Missile Launcher for SMS (Smart Missile System) and Long Beam Gun for Railguns.

Crisis Suit: For all the weapon loadout i definately doing Fireknive (Plasma Rifle + Missile Pod and Multitracker). As i see as an all round loadout to knock out elites, infantry and light armor.

Stealth Suit: Thanks to 6th Ed they are buff with shrouded, stealth and acute senses. In short 3+ cover in the open with rerollable outflank. With Burst cannon and fusion blaster it can harass unit at the rear and option to take out their transports.

Firewarior: Well its obvious i need em for troops but fielding them at en mass isnt a bad thing. As they have 30" pulse rifle and 15" rapid fire. With Str 5 i can dish out wounds on infantry and supress light armor.

Things i may look into at the future

Vespids: In paper they have something going. With rerollable danger terrain, AP3 guns, Hammer of Wraith and 160 pts for a full 10 men squad. They can make handy harassment unit.

Ethereal : Reroll leadership and BS4 fearless Honor Guard.

So for the moment i am fielding a BA Vindi army with Tau allies which show some success. However i would like to get the army all painted and WYSIWYG first. I just dont feel comfortable with the unpainted and proxies on my table..

Sunday, September 9, 2012

6th Edition on field experience

From the few games I had on 6th edition few things are clear:

1. Tactical marines on rhino still does not work en mass; yes they are buffed, but others got buffed much more. Things got worse if you take into consideration allies shenanigans are in.

2. Land Raiders are solid as ever.

3. Vindicators are no longer joke.

What does this means for the long delayed project Ultramar? Well we are locking down the units which are in the  "must be in" catogory. Current list as below:

-Cato Sicarious (d'oh)
-Assault Terminators, all hammers! No Sissy claws!
-Tactical marines with Rhino/drop pod
-Scout squad
-Sniper Scout squad with Telion
-Land speeder storm
-Land Raider (still determining the pattern, but probably god hammer)

The undetermined units:-
-Thunder Fire canon
-Storm talon
-Assault marines with drop pod


While reading the new rule book, we noticed a few things which could fundamentally change the load up of a few key units. Basically the scope of new shenanigans are endless for the new edition, a good thing in my opinion.