Friday, July 22, 2011

Cheng's Blood Angels

What can I say? Stronos pattern ( Las canon and twin linked plasma gun weapons load up ) razorback is supposed to be very rare according to the fluff. Well I counted 4 here... this photo was taken in Comic's mart.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Painting My IG Tanks

Sometime ago my friend Johnny bought and painted a Leman Russ tank. The thing about Johnny is that while he is a fan of 40k universe, the fella finds little time to play the table top game so he now ventures more on to the modeling side.

Seeing I am having an IG army but without any heavy tanks, this Leman Russ is sort of a "I buy and build this tank in your army scheme, you can use it all you want so later I can borrow your army for a spin" kinda deal.

Done totally by hand without the aid of an air brush, it is a beautiful thing.

Seeing his well done tank led me to paint my chimeras in the same scheme as his Leman Russ tank. I got to say, making your tank looking hardcore and having them in formation on table top is an... addictive thing.

Lesson learned? You don't need airbrush to paint kick ass camo theme vehicles.