Thursday, January 17, 2013

Angry people are angry

My new parcel arrived, and out came the angry masses, for some reason I really like the idea of angry mobs rolling across table with their guns blazing, chanting blasphemous curses as they go and making a mess.

Knowing myself this pet project will take a long time before it can hit the table, but that is OK. Imperium has endured for ten thousand years, a little bit more wait wont make a difference.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Project Ultramar: Core Elements Done

It has been a long time since I posted anything.

Between the paragon wars and daily grinding, there is no denying personally the 40k hobby for me is in a low tide as do things that goes around the cycles in life as I found myself slowly drifting from a game player to a hobbyist, meaning I became more concern of WYSIWYG-ness of my army rather then how "optimised" my army list is.

Also hard lessons learned from the relentless battlefield has taught me how ridiculous was my obsessions of hoarding some minis like tactical marines, for any person who field more then 2 squads of these over glorified over cost good-for-nothing power armoured boys deserves to have their own bottoms handed to them in silver platter.

Back to the Project Ultramar, the core elements has been (finally) done after I did a threw my hat over the fence bet, it was worth it.All that is left to do are the tertiary details like gun holes.

Vanilla Goodness, did the far right grenade guy to remind myself you can throw grenade in 6th ed 
Codex sanctioned standard ride
The Hammer boys

God hammer Pattern smurf death box
Group Photo with the Grand Duke of Talassar himself