Monday, May 23, 2011

IG Paper Camo Cloaks

Hi guys, it is me again.

Picture this: You fought against an IG opponent, he set his army in a long formation, his Company command squad is in an area terrain surrounded by heavy weapon teams. Knowing the commander can dish out commands making the HWTs twice as dangerous you commit some of your resource into taking care of the CCS gang. when your opponent rolled his / her cover save 3+ is counted as saved.

"Erm," you said, "cover save is 4+."
"Yeah but my guys have camo cloaks."
"Eh, your guys dont look like they had cloaks."
"Erm, I told you before the game my guys had cloaks, it is just that I don't know how to make them WYSIWYG."

How many of you has hit this scenario before? Please raise your hand :D
This time around I bring you a tip on a new IG upgrade which is useful but with llittle official sprue options: the camo cloak, Conventional method of doing this would be 1. using the sniper cloak on command squad box. 2. Doing it with green stuff. But option 1 is expensive as you got only 1 per box and 0 if you go Catachan and option 2 is erm, messy and skill demanding.

After some research and common sense tweaking I stumbled upon a solution any dude with the minimum modeling skill can do it: using paper. How to do it? First you cut any piece of standard paper into a suitable size, do foldings on them to add the texture and stick it on your dude. After that using white glue (the standard glue 40k hobbyist use for sticking sand on base) diluted with water and run them on the paper using brush, wait for it to dry and you will get a harden paper, does it as many time as your heart's content until the claok reached a hardness you like.

And thats it! Paint them like standard plastic kit and WYSIWYG camo cloaks.


My master vox caster in camo cloak, WYSIWYG

Alternatively ofcourse, you can try forgeworld stuff.

Say what? Paper?

The 5 best troop choice for Warhammer40K

Alright i have already gotten my cert and now i am back for usual blogging. Its nice to see Wong filling in for me during my long absent.
Now back to topic at hand, In the grim future of 40K we have unit that have unit that can dish out incredible firepower, unit that are swift that can maneuver around the battlefield and powerful monster or elites that can murder anything they touches. Regardless no matter how powerful your forces are without your troops its all for nothing. They are your unsung heroes (unless its a KP) holding the objective while withstanding the nastiest thing that touches them.

Salute them or you cant play without them anyway since you need like 2 of them to play a legal 40K game anyway.. LOL

So the criteria of a troop choice differ from the other units in your forces. They generally must be able to survive long enough to secure an objective, flexible in their option to support any army that you desire, and also tough enough to at least fend for themselves incase if they are under attack. They must be cost effective as after all you want to be spending more points on more powerful units.

So without futher ado, I shall present the 5 best troop choice.

No.5 Space Marine Scouts

These guys are more flexible than Tactical Space Marine. The five men squad can be equip with a heavy weapon, any model may pick a shotgun, CCW or sniper for free and come with variety of option.

- Lots of option.
- Sniper scouts + Cloaks + Missile launcher = nasty long range shots in safety of 3+ cover safe or 2+ if going to ground.
- Can infiltrate and scout + Shotgun and CCW = in your face assault at turn 1.

- vulnerable to prolong close combat attack and weapon that ignore cover safe e.g heavy flamer.

No.4 Eldar Dire Avengers

With the Eldar skimmer cheese builds. The Dire Avengers are their troops of choice. As they complement every cheese that Eldar farseer fortune, doom, and guide.

- 5+ Invul safe from Exarch
- Bladestorm (3 shot per unit Shuriken)+ Guide( reroll hit) + Doom(reroll wound) = Victim with alot of wounds. then skimmer can taxi them away.
- Defend (-1 attack per assault phase) which can tarpit enemy into submission.

- Without their beloved farseer and skimmer. They are pretty much screwed.

No.3 Grey Hunters
These guys are the Space Wolve bread and butter. They have points option like Chaos Space Marine. They are cheap by default(15 pts per model) and they have option to have their 2nd special weapon free of charge if they are ten men strong. They also have counterattack so be wary when assault them.

- Massing whole lot of them with meltagun and plasmagun along with your wolf guards can be some serious shit storm.
- cheap by most space marine standard
- Assault by eitier way is nasty ( Base 1 attack + CCW and bolt pistol 1 attack + charge or counterattack 1 attack = 3 attack per unit!!)

- Low base leadership (8) weak against anything that require a leadership test. Cowardice are punish in the Space Puppies ranks.

No.2 Chaos Plague Marine

Papa Nurgle be praise!! This pus boys are like one of the ideal troop choice that one can ever field. High survivability and extremely tough. They can carry 2 special weapon regardless of squad size.

-Toughness 5 making them durable against small arms.
-Feel no pain making any high ap weapon even tougher to murder them.
-Two meltagun and one powerfist make them deadly warrior for those unprepared.
-Fearless, They no way you making them leaving the objective.
-Blight Grenades denying all your enemies their beloved +1 attack MUAHAHAHA!!

- Low initiative with only 3, Can die from sea of high initiative power attacks.

Now Number 1!!!

No.1 Blood Angel Assault Squad
You may ask why Blood Angel assault space marine. I tell you they are by far very flexible in option and can be molded to any combat strategies you desire. Whether you want to go mass DOA( Decent of angel) or Mech( Mechanize) or Mass power armor they can do it. The very codex itself have many things that can support them. Although they do not have the high survivability like plague marine but they make up in options. What separate them than the assault squad in all the other Space Marine codex is they can carry meltagun and are basically troop choice.

-Decent of Angel (reroll reserve + 1D6 scatter for deepstrike)
-Discard jump pack and get discount Land Raider, Razorback or Rhino.
- Can be accompany by Sanguine Priest hence have feel no pain and furious charge.
- Can get meltagun and infernus pistol.
- Can ride in Stormraven Gunship with jump packs
- Red thist( 16.667% chance of fearless and furious charge)

- Survivalbiltiy not as good as a plague marine but pretty good for a average marine if given Sanguine Priest.

Friday, May 13, 2011

40K Detachable Flyer base

Hi gang, Wong40k here. Since our regular host Red has gone busy with his real life hair flying project I am here to take over for the moment to share with you a modeling tip which is inspired by none other than Colonel Miles Quaritch from Avatar. Now I have to put up a limb to say this is a very good tip that has yet to catch on for I cant seem to find anyone else doing it at the time of this posting. 
Why Colonel Miles you ask? Remember the time before he bombed the hell out of the blue skins he famously remarked " I wanna be home for dinner"? This can only mean one thing... an IG list with 9 vendettas/valkyries!

As a modest person with meager income I started with 3 birds... as you can see they took their initial missions at a local tournament posted somewhere below. But one thing has quicky become apparent... the problem of having masss flyers would be 1: Transportation of mass birds, 2: Transportation of the flyer bases. Any one who has a 40k bird will come to realise the flyer base is a kind of nightmare for transportation. It is big, takes out losta surface area and just doesn't seems to fit into any regular size container. To magnetize such a base would mean either using a hell lot of magnets and trusting them to keep your precious birds air up right, a scary prospect. 

The very physical aspect of the problem of having to move 9 birds would become really daunting, it is by then I came up with a solution, ladies and gentlemen, boys and unicorns I present to you: the flyer X stand!
2 versions of Flyer X stand: One on the left is done with modeling concrete, on the right side cork board.
Ease of transportation and storage, now imagine doing it 9 times over!