Thursday, March 31, 2011

What type of 40K wargamer are you?

In the tabletop game Warhammer 40K generally you can list down 3 types of people who are in this hobby.

Here is the list of the 3 types of Wargamers

The Gamer
Sir Wraithlord incoming.. SEND 40 Twin-linked Lascannon NOW!

Just like their name is they are drawn into the table top gaming aspect of the Warhammer40K. So they favor making strong army list than nice models or wether does it make sense. Hence they are given the term of "Power builds" or "Cheese build". Before they commit to any army they usually proxy their forces first to evaluate how effective the army is before buying the models. Their paint job are usually in favor of getting the model on the table than any real artistic value. However some like to hop from different races. As GW tendency to like to making new codex more powerful than the old ones. Also they take great pain to exploit any loopholes from the 40K rulebook and codex. In tournament they usually seek Best generals award as they care less about soft scores.

Likes: Insanely Imba Army builds, Good dice rolls , Glorious victories, Good tactical manuvers

Dislikes: Retarded army list, Bad dice rolls, Bad tactical decision, Bad deployment, Opponents taking to slow to decide, Opponents not bringing their codex or remembering their unit rules.

Would talk about: Tactics, Cheese, Army list, Mathhammer (Calculating Dice probability)

Would blog/write about: Battlereports , Unit review(as in their rules), Tactics, Army list.

The Hobbyist

This group of wargamer are more into the hobby aspect of 40K. This include assembling, painting, conversion, scratch build,terrain building, free hand painting, customize and etc. They place getting their men painted and looking good than making a strong army list. So they are least picky on deciding on an army as they just into making an army which they think is good and just get them very well painted. Some like to go to the beyond where they use things like green stuff , free hand art, and etc to customize their army so they look totally different from the normal models. Forge World love them as this are the people who would spend alot on shoulder pads, Rhino doors, Head piece, or even models(As GW regular models isnt just cut it anymore). Tournaments are important for them also as its a incentive to get the models done and to show off their insane projects.

likes: Well painted models, Nice created terrain, Models with plenty if iconnography, Crazy conversions.

Dislikes: Poorly painted models, Proxies( It dishonorable for them) , unpainted models, models with missing parts.

Would talk about: Painting shedules, type of paint mixture, painting or modeling technique, army theme plans, conversions.

Would blog/write about: Painting tutorial, Army showcase, Conversion tutorial.

The Storytellers.

This people enjoy the fluff (story behind the game) aspect of the hobby. They especially love reading novels from Black Libary( GW book store). They are immerse in the vast story of the 40K universe. When comes to the tabletop they usually will build an army following an exsisting fluff or some like to make their own stories from their models. That why their army list is more in favor to follow a specific theme which has a story about it than overall efficient army. They would actually named each squad, each vehicle and their commanders. They like to chat about their army even in between a game as each model have a story to tell. Their paint job are more or less decent but they take pride in uniformity (Squad markings, insignia, colouring scheme) to represent squad A to squad B.

Like: 40K novels , writing fiction about their forces, armies that obey a specific theme.

Dislike: Power builds that makes no sense, Gamer with no fluff sense, army with no sense of uniformity( no squad marker, no chapter decal, and etc)

Would talk about: 40K stories, their own army stories,

Would blog/write about: Battlereport (Unlike a gamer one this is more of a lengthy fiction of their encounter) and 40K book review.


This is just a form of generalizing as you may pick more than one of this aspect or only have little of all. No matter what aspect you like Warhammer 40K have something for everyone and it what draw people to the hobby.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

5 Top Reasons Why People Play Imperial Guard

5. Massive Body Count

Remember the scene from Return of Jedi where an imperial officer was saying? "We need more men..." Well as an IG player there the issue of having not enough men should be the least of your concern. Swarming your opponent with hordes of men with guns is a very possible scenario.

 4. Inferior Complex with a Point to Prove

The fluff has it we petty humans are always being pushed around by the ravaging alien hordes that roam around in the 40k universe. Well by play IG the player can put the theory to the test and guess what? As an IG player you practically has nothing to lose (Hey, we are only humans) and everything to gain (My men best an alien/astrates strike force! Yeah! Take that you **** !).

 3. Big Guns, lotsa them

One thing the current guard codex can really do is to rain down on your enemies with big big guns, and you can get a ridiculous them with the current squadron rule. Taking the advantage of the new rule one can run the dreaded "Eat Dust doctrine" (named after the notorious artillery spamming play style in Relic's Company of Heroes where dust fly all over the place when the firing commence) and ground your enemy to dust.

2. Big Tanks, lotsa Them 

Ask a guard players the reason they play the army chances are 4 out of 5 times the player in question is a fan of heavy tanks, really really heavy tanks, and the current guard army can really field a lot of really really heavy tanks. So the Leman Russ obsession continues.

1. Hammer of the Emperor

Seriously, with the most numbers of war machines in terms of both variety and numbers and legion of fighting men at their disposal the current guard army can literally smash your opponent flat if done right (i.e. leaf blower army), and as a decent gamer who wouldn't enjoy the scene of your army marching over your opponent's fallen bodies in legion?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Redeye Wargaming history

For this time i decide to write something about myself for once.. I must warn you that it is rather long.
It’s been almost 2 years since i started playing Warhammer 40K or hell even tabletop itself.
It was actually around 2006 to know 40K from a Video game call Dawn Of War. Mather of fact that how I met Wong and Lexis. So back then Me, Wong , Lexis and a group of friend would play 3 vs 3 to 4 vs 4 Dawn of War almost every Saturday at a cybercafé.
So eventually the game itself died off and we were running out of things to do.

Wong had started 40K way earlier than me so Wong came introduce the game to me and another friend (Andy if some off you may know him) first. We borrow Wong Space Marine figures for a 1000 pts game. I remember that time making the army list I was building the army base on Dawn of War. So was going around asking stuff like AP and the different between Power Fist and Power Weapon. I play Space Marine and Tau at Dawn of War but I couldn’t decide what to play at table top. So asking the senior they were saying that Tau weak and underpowered. I end up with playing Space Marine as already got Wong for initial support.

So just like that I started mustering up a force. Initially Wong sold me some of his spare stuff from Assault of the Black Reach set. Also I got some stuff from online. So the initial army was horrible as the army was made to make the best of what I have and proxy stuff from Wong.
So later on Lexis join into the fray and just like his love for Chaos Space Marine in Dawn of War he carries them to tabletop. Since we both were at more or less the same skill level so we played with each other a lot. However unlike me he was quick to pick up the game next thing u know I was actually getting badly beaten by him.

My first time at Legio Malaysia was during a Combat patrol army. I end up with some terrible army and terrible paint job. It was so terrible that almost everyone made fun of it. People call it the joker marines due to the red paint way off the eye lense. So obvious I got my ass badly kick but at least I get to know the community.

Due to that I muster forces base on whatever I have so I always have this basic infantry force of tactical marines, assault squad and few vehicles. I have this bad experience with infantry as it seem to me in 40K almost everything it out to kill this power armor warriors. My men been blasted and slain by every AP3-AP2 , power attack or crap load of wounds. It was this bad experience that laid seed to what my current army is all about now. So I have this desire to go for full mechanize, hence I started with this love for Space Marine Predator. So from them I had always been included in my army list. Most people even Wong question on why do still stick with them for so long. It was hilarious back then on how many rendition of proxy I have made for them especially with Wong rhinos.

My 1st proper Space Marine Predator was when Herbert loan me his Predator Tank(Thanks Herb!!) So I end up going online and purchase my first batch of Vehicles(2 Predator tank and 2 Razorback). When the moment it arrive I was actually thrilled maybe more like extremely happy. So eventually I got my 2nd batch of vehicles from Alvin(2 Razorback 1 Predator). Hence the beginning of my Mechanize army. From that on the 1st thing people say is that “Woah so many tanks!!” Even my Bro who not a 40K player question about my army. He ask about doesn’t the game is more about infantry than tank.. so I said mine is the opposite. I keep infantry at bare minimum in favor of more tanks. So as time goes by I always buy my force periodically so it took almost a year to get everything I wanted for my army.

At some point I was at this losing streak until a level Wong was like asking me what the hell I was doing in games. So at some point he ask me to get some Assault Terminators but I said I don’t have the models. So he go tell me go proxy Assault of the Black Reach termies and I go loan Peter Land Raider(Thanks Peter!!). I did had mix success with them so I end up getting my Assault Termintor and Land Raider from Alvin sale.

So only now I actually gotten almost everything I need for my army and I sitting comfortably with my Blood Angel Mech spam army. It feel quite a while already and sitting with almost Rm3000 of forces and still counting.
Hmm what will the future holds for me in 40K…

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vanila Codex Marine... Where does it stand now

With the release of up to date FAQ for the older space marine codex, Space wolves, Blood Angels and soon to be release Grey Knights codex.. Its easy to see people moving to these Space Marine army than sticking to the Vanila Codex Marine.

However in this grim moment, our fellow Vanila Codex Marine still have things that can make them a formiable fighters.

Assault Terminator: Their 2+ sv and 3+ invul safe from storm shield is still a deadly force to reckon. Although other dex have their own form of advantages but the Vanila one remain the simplest to wreck havoc.

Land Speeders: cheap and sturdy, A choice of weapon like Multi melta for suicide Av14 cracker or Typoon launcher for long range support.

Scouts: They are actually a good choice for troops if you want to go cheap on troop choice. A choice of Sniper scouts for infiltrating top floor objective while have a 36" sniper rifle to shoot stuff(remember it rending so can headshot terminator if desire) and camo cloaks which give you 3+ cover(2+ if you go to ground) which give them insane survivalbility.. Also you may opt for shotgun and closecombat weapon combo which you can take advantage of infiltrate, scout move to get into close combat at turn 1. Best yet is a 5 men squad can already get you a heavy bolter or missile launcher. So great troop on a budget.

Thunder Fire Cannon: this guys are great, for 100 pts you get a this kick ass cannon which can do 3 types of round at a 60" range. From 4 small blast Str 6 , ignore cover round or take dangerous terrain rounds. Also you can fortify defences so placing this at a ruin you choose to fortify can give the thing a 3+ cover. Even if you lose the Cannon your Techmarine can join the war with his servo harness. Twin-linked plasma pistol, 2 Str 8 claw and etc.. and can repair transport while inside transport.. Good value

Kick Ass ICs: Heroes like Magnus Calgar ( Deadly warrior with Eternal warrior and morale test is a thing of a pass and ap 2 storm bolter!!) Lysander (Insanely deadly warrior, 2+ sv, 3+ invul, Str 10 ap 1 hammer!!, Eternal warrior 4 wounds, stubborn... nasty) Vulkan Hestan (twinlinked melta weapon, flamer and mastercrafted Thunder hammer nuff said), and many more.(except Sicarius.. he sucks dont take him.. )

Land Raider: Of cos you need something to get your Terminator boys on the move... It the same as the rest but atleast it all the basic gear compare to certain Codexs which somehow ommit out some of its basic wargear. Land Raider Redeemer(Str 6 ap3 flamer anyone?) Land Raider Crusader(To get more Nasty Terminator ) or Land Raider (got 2 Twin linked lascannon.. even if immobilize can still shoot stuff from far) and all can field multi melta.

Troop on Bikes: So far Vanila dex one of the few codex that can do this.. As a Captain on bike can have Space Marine Bike Squad of 5 or more models as troops. So you can do some biker army if you desire.

Sternguard: plenty type of rounds for their bolter and ability to get combi weapon at 5 points.. Place them with drop pods and send them to enemy armor.. cheap and efficient vehicle killer!

So overall this are the unit listed which consider optimal for Vanila dex as other unit lack potential compare to other space marine codex.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Space Marine Deathstar aka Goo List!

This is a combination of a squad of Space Marine Assault Terminator which their dedicated transport is a Space Marine Land Raider (any variant).

If you are a Space Marine player or not and if you havent heard of this combo then you must be eitier shitting me or been playing with complete losers. As this is one of the power build that Space Marine plays.

Each Assault Terminator can eitier go for a pair of lighning claw or at thunder hammer and storm shield at no cost. So most player will go for mix of lightning claws and thunder hammer with storm shield. So they get a fair balance of plenty of weak initiative 4 power attack and hard hiting str 8 initiative 1 attacks. So got a means to eitier smash lots of weak enemies or vehicles/monster creature or multiple wounds that have only toughness 4 and below.

As for Land Raider it is a popular choice since it the only vehicle that provide transport for the Terminator (or else they have to walk or teleport in) and because of it Assault Ramp so you can drive to an enemy position and your Terminator can assault the same turn it disembark. Most people opt for Land Raider redeemer as it the cheapest than the rest and have the devastating flame storm cannon (Str 6 ap 3 template). As it compliment the Terminators as it can fire it deadly short range weapons and drop the Assault Terminator into combat. Land Raider Crusader are more for people with the desire to take the step futher by including atleast 7-8 Terminator or accompany IC with Terminator Armor. Land Raider is the least pick as it a long range fire support Land Raider but nonetheless it can still do the job. As for extra firepower people will always add a pintle mounted Multi-melta as since the Land Raider is going to be up close and personal. So the Mutli melta its highly likely to be in melta range which player uses the Land Raider machine spirit to crack any vehicles that in the way.

The reason why this build is so popular is because you are combining the best of everything the codex space marine can offer. To start the land raider all round AV14 is one of the tough fess thing to destroy. Also adding the 5ed vehicle rule make it even tougher . Since even you penned it you may roll a 1 and that thing aint stopping. Now we add the Assault Terminator, they have the best saves that money can buy. 2+ armor save overall and 3+ invul save for storm shield wieding Terminators so at a good roll day the Terminator can survive anything that throw to him . Once the Assault Terminator is unleash there is little that can actually stand up to its assault. As Lightning claw terminator can rip hordes army to shreds and Thunder hammer smash Monster Creatures, Multiple wound unit and Vehicles.

However the drawback and hence why call the death star is that you actually focus everything into one basket. Into one big powerful object. So experience player will simply find ways to avoid it or send weaker unit to engage to weaken it then send their best unit to take it out. Also this army depends on that very Land Raider to actually send the Terminator to the war zone. So if by some means the Land Raider couldn't reach to the destination from either a lucky lascannon round or it got immobilize from a fail dangerous terrain. Then the Terminator is pretty much screwed as they have to walk the rest of the journey being expose to enemy gun fire.

The Terminator is generally few in number so any unlucky roll can actually spell fatal to them. As like rolling 3-4 "1"s for armor save from regular gunfire usually mean the Terminator squad is pretty much dead. So at a good roll they are immortal but any loss it face it a huge blow to the squad.

So you are now thinking that this combo sucks actually no it still nasty and dangerous but you musnt over rely on them to win wars. You should consider them as like an high aggro unit( refer to my aggro entry for detail). Send them into the thick of enemy so hopefully your enemy will over commit on taking them down leaving things like your troops far from harms way on claiming objective.

Also you may add other unit to support the Land Raider and Assault Terminator combo like
A squad of attack bikes with multi melta which they turbo boost to the destination ahead of the land raider so now aggro shifted on them as the enemy is force to wipe them out first or else the attack bikes can cause serious damage.

Land Speeders.. as like attack bikes you flat them out first so forcing your enemy to take them out first hence drawing fire away from the land raider.

Devastator.. this can go both way, if the Devastator taking fire then the Land Raider is spare from gun fire for 1 turn. If the Land Raider is taking fire then the Devastator can fire its weapon without taking damage for 1 turn.

So in a nutshell the trick to use this combo is to eitier send the Land Raider to draw fire from other of your unit in the game or you send other unit to draw fire from the Land Raider so it will take less fire which improve it odds of surviving long enough to send the terminator to its destination.

p.s The term Goo list comes from Wong when a friend of ours came up with this crazy as many Assault Terminator in Land Raider as possible. Which all the Terminator is equip with thunder hammer and storm shield. Hence anything that face that many of hammer shall be turn to paste which is like goo. So the term Goo List is born. So it crazy... at a good roll this army is difficult to kill as it has a high chance of survival on anything throw at them. With that many Str 8 hammer it difficult to not kill anything that touches them.

Monday, March 7, 2011

5 Top Reasons Why People Play Space Marine

5. Space Marines are (generally) The Good Guys

In the Dark and grim future of 40k universe where aliens and daemons are more than fairy tales, you need the good guys to keep the average innocent people safe and space marines are on top of that list.
4. Power Armor look awesome
 Like the knight in shiny armor, except not necessary shiny and more awesome.

3. (Very) Strong Official Support
It is open secret space marine enjoy the most support from GW when it comes to modeling department.
2. Superiority Complex (Atleast in Their Mind)
Space marines are supposedly super soldiers, at least on fluff where as the reality can be totally different on table top, but the thing is people buy that.

1. They are The Poster Boys of 40k Universe
If 40k can be summed up in an image the bet is that there will be space marines in it. The images of space marines is the very image of 40k.