Friday, March 2, 2012

It is hammer time, but we need more hammers!

As I am rolling on my daemon hunting business it became apparent having terminators as troops that are equipped with grenades is a bliss, it also became apparent that you will need more daemon hammers to dish out str10 punishments to any nasties you will be encountering.

This is then again GW's infinite wisdom on sly marketing come into play -- you only get ONE daemon hammer per grey night terminator box, but they left you with plenty of nemesis falchions, bless the throne. To add insult to injury, directly using a space marine terminator arm with thunder hammer will make your grey knight look a bit .. awkward, as they simply carry and configure the weapon in different ways, not to mention the arm piece look totally different.

A quick if not obvious solution to this little crisis is to cut the standard thunder hammer, using the pinning method to join with cut lower half of a nemesis halberd and vola! DIY cheap nemesis daemon hammer. Also note the blings from the new power armoured grey knight shoulder pad can be cut and glued to the hammers, providing the almost compulsory =][= on your improvised hammer if you desired it.

Originally a space wolf hammer on the left and a standard thunder hammer on the right
hobby drill in this matter is the essential tool for achieving this, without pinning the hammer simply won't hold;  if you don't have one yet but wish to venture in this hobby I would strongly recommend it.


  1. Alright stop, it's hammer time. Can't touch this :D

  2. now it's truly Warhammer 40k.

  3. Thanks for the comment guys, I took the hammer boys out for spin today, they trashed a lib dread really good -- with might of titan and hammer hand in play, that is str10 + 2d6 for every hit on the dread, even titan will cry blood with such smashing power.


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