Saturday, March 10, 2012

The On Going Daemon Hunting Business

Picture credit: The Lord Inquisitor
I have been playing a Mordrak list lately. I found the grand master to be really worthy of his points, the shenanigans you can pull with him can be endless due to the wide variety of options the codex offer.

Here are the basic plan layout:
-Attached a Librarian with Mordrak and his ghost squad
-DS the gang first turn into a cosy strategic location
-Survive one turn of shooting / abuse ( which won't be a hard thing to do, since you can stack ghost knights' stealth USR with shrouding to have 2+ cover sv)  
-Next turn, summon the rest of your army with "The summoning" spell
-Havoc ensured, purge well, brothers

Details to consider:
-Upgrade your librarian to a level 3 psyker for extra insurance getting rest of your army into position
-Get teleport homer for your librarian (D'oh)
-Have elements of rest of your embarked in vehicles equipped with warp field stabiliser so you can summon 2 units with a single spell
-The Might of Titan spell is essential for hand to hand anti vehicles operation


  1. Mordrak is powerful, I've said it since the codex first came out and I still stand by it. People are comparing it to Draigo, which I don't think is right. The way to play Mordrak and Draigo, totally differs from one another.

    The GK Codex really has a wide variety of options and shenanigans to play with. All we need to do is not to look at single unit army entry, but to look at the codex as a whole.

    Have fun haunting people with Mordrak!

  2. Lately my Librarian Furioso Dreadnought been in ICU (Intesive Care unit) last few weeks due to massive bashing from GKT and bad fever from persistent psychic hooding.

  3. Yes, Modrak is fun indeed.. best part now since I have the basic of the list done, I can reconfigure it for a myriad of mayhems!