Sunday, March 4, 2012

Grey Knight Librarian

Have the fella done on Sunday night, I decided to use blue on his "inner hood" and loincloth as it is the colour use by standard Astartes librarian to remain the link. I might add detail motifs on the loincloth in the future but that is for another time.

The big =][= on fella's back work double as an oversize deco and/or a teleport homer, just like how the Inquisition would make their war gear look like.

I also like my librarian looking closer to the illustration in the codex then the one GW suggested using, then again this is simply a matter of taste.
Hmm.. close enough!
Now DIe!


  1. nice, good progress you got there..

  2. That's a very nicely painted miniature. Thumbs up!

  3. Thanks guys! Now to get on with the rest of the brotherhood...