Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My First Forge World Iron Clad

This was done sometime ago, I blame the massively impressive Badab War books for showing off their awesome looking FW Iron clad dreads. Roll for leadership against temptation, rolled 12, fair enough...

The cleaned torso and legs.

Full spectrum war gear!

Got the base done first to suit the pose of the leg

This is what I really like about FW dread over GW dread... the legs can be posed in a way to represent some motion.

After pose confirmed, priming is done

Ho ho, long nights of paintings ahead...

Only things left to do now is chapter logo and tertiary details, that is when I hit snail speeeeed...  this last picture was taken with a DSLR rather then a noob camera; as you can see, the preparation, lightning and imba gear made all the difference.

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