Sunday, March 18, 2012

Baal Predator Tactics part 2

Alright i am not gonna make any excuses for myself for not writing anything for a long while. So i guess it better i start typing. So before I start, a meme picture is in order.

I did a part 1 for the Baal Predator a long while back (You can read it here).Looking at it now they were more things that I didn’t consider during the time I wrote that which I explain later in the article.

During the early stage of using the Baal Predator I use them as Vindicator escorts. Which a pair of Baal Predator guards the Vindicator side armor. This restricts the Baal Predator mobility hence not using their full potential.

Nowadays set my Baals into individual tanks over the battlefield which actually performs better. Since they have scout special rule, if you are going first you can flatout during your scout move then move 12”. There high chance you already be in range of your enemies. Alternatively you can simply outflank and create this uncertainty on your enemies game plan as they fear a possibility of your Baal hitting their flanks.

The idea is that you should take advantage of this mobility to either exploit weak point in your enemy lines or simply provoke your enemy into over committing forces to take them out.

Twin Linked Assault Cannon and Heavy Bolter sponson is the way to go!!
- Pic from GW

Forget Flamestorm cannon, that weapon is just a one trick pony. Experience player will just scatter their men. After burning a small amount of model they destroy it by shooting its side armor or assault it.Assault cannon are a more practical option.Especially with heavy bolter sponson you can stay away 24”-36” and lay down like 10 shots (4 from ass can 6 from HB sponson) per turn.

You can take out infantry and Monstrous Creature. Thanks to rending from Assault Cannon you even have a shot on taking out vehicles and elites. The general discipline is to always keep moving and shooting. Especially if facing assault unit move 12” if you have to.

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