Friday, April 22, 2011

Will be inactive for awhile

Hey Redeye here..

Just to let you all that blogging update for me will be on hiatus for the next few week. As i actually busy studying for a certification exam call CCNA. Its a Cisco Networking exam for entry level, which so by getting this i can be a certify engineer.

So gonna be real busy studying the exam so i am afraid that i wont have time or brainpower for blogging material. I may update but i have no guraantee on this so we shall see.

Other than that after seeing my Tau Firewarrior painted as they serve as Expandable for Kindred II. I feel like doing a full Tau army. My rough plan is that is going to be battlesuit heavy with alot of crisis suit and broadsides. No kroots or vespid as i not really into saveages or wierd looking aliens. I sticking to the "Mecha" theme like the gundam animes.

This is the kind of colour scheme i planing to do.

I guess that be it.. So i be signing out!

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