Friday, May 13, 2011

40K Detachable Flyer base

Hi gang, Wong40k here. Since our regular host Red has gone busy with his real life hair flying project I am here to take over for the moment to share with you a modeling tip which is inspired by none other than Colonel Miles Quaritch from Avatar. Now I have to put up a limb to say this is a very good tip that has yet to catch on for I cant seem to find anyone else doing it at the time of this posting. 
Why Colonel Miles you ask? Remember the time before he bombed the hell out of the blue skins he famously remarked " I wanna be home for dinner"? This can only mean one thing... an IG list with 9 vendettas/valkyries!

As a modest person with meager income I started with 3 birds... as you can see they took their initial missions at a local tournament posted somewhere below. But one thing has quicky become apparent... the problem of having masss flyers would be 1: Transportation of mass birds, 2: Transportation of the flyer bases. Any one who has a 40k bird will come to realise the flyer base is a kind of nightmare for transportation. It is big, takes out losta surface area and just doesn't seems to fit into any regular size container. To magnetize such a base would mean either using a hell lot of magnets and trusting them to keep your precious birds air up right, a scary prospect. 

The very physical aspect of the problem of having to move 9 birds would become really daunting, it is by then I came up with a solution, ladies and gentlemen, boys and unicorns I present to you: the flyer X stand!
2 versions of Flyer X stand: One on the left is done with modeling concrete, on the right side cork board.
Ease of transportation and storage, now imagine doing it 9 times over!


  1. I can see Cork Board taken to new heights..

  2. Haha gundam dreadknight on Vuel's blog
    Red as a gundam fan you should check it out

  3. good idea and very nice decoretation it's looking very nice.
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