Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blood Angel Furioso Dreadnought.. Simply awesome!

The Furioso Dreadnought is a Walker for the Blood Angel codex. Each unit takes up one elite slot. with AV(Armor Value) of 13 12 10. Its default wargear is 2 Blood fist(Dreadnought close combat weapon) and each arm is has inbuilt eitier a stormbolter or meltagun but neitier double of each weapon. It has a choice of replacing both its Blood Fist for Blood Talons or one of it for a Frag cannon.Also you can add a magna grapple . Altenatively you can upgrade your Furioso Dreadnought to a Libarian making him a psyker walker.

While by it own right its already great unit but what makes it even better that is that it can be transported on a Storm Raven. So this covers alot of the Furioso weakness which is actually getting to close to combat. So in the protection of the Storm Raven , fly in and at the next turn be at assault range.

However another thing great is that it is frontal armor 13!.. So even at range is hard to take out unless you have lascannon but that still a 50/50 chance. In close combat this things are deadly with 2-3 attacks. Even in close combat its deadly as conventional krak grenades aint gonna cut it, Thunder hammer and power fist also have a hard time breaking him.

With quite array of choice for your furioso.. here a run down of each wargear and upgrades for the Furioso.

Pretty straight foward... A pair of fist so +1 attack. With Melta gun and storm bolter.

Frag Cannon
The weapon on the dreadnought right arm(His right!) is the Frag Cannon. Its generally like a shotgun Template Str 6 Ap - Assault 2!!! Rending!!. In a nutshell is like rending flamer.. So anyone in that template x2 to wound. Ignore cover due to template weapon.

This is an awesome weapon agaisnt hordes. Since its does 2x wound per model and dishing it on a 2+ by average. It ignores cover but enemies can still make their saves due to ap - but with crap load of wound it can do. Its still worth it. It also makes a last resort anti vehicles weapon because of rending so it almost like 1 one shot assault cannon to a vehicle.

Blood Talon
This are like the Lightning claws for Dreadnought. Just like Space Marine lightning Claw they strike with their base strength which is 6 and able to reroll to wound. When you have a pair of these you get a ability that whatever unsaved wound you occur to your enemy. You get another set of attacks based on how many wound that unsaved. So if your rolls are rather good you can claw your way though 30 Guardsmen at a single assault phase!.

Libarian Furioso Dreadnought
This upgrade your Furioso Dreadnought to a psyker able to take up to two psychic spells from codex. It also comes with a Psychic Hood and Force weapon. This is great as now your Dreadnought has psychic spell defences, force attack and able to use Blood Angel libarian spells.

Here are some my recommendation.

Wing of Sanguinius : This is definately must have as it allow your Libarian Dreadnought as a jump infantry. Allowing you to move 12". You can maneuver around the battlefield without a Stormraven. It can get you to assault range quicker.

Shield of Sanguinius : This is also a good ability as it generates a shield proving 5+ cover safe to any unit around 6" radius. So not only your Libarian Dreadnought get protection but his allies get it. Group him with other unit and everyone get protection.

Might of Heroes: Add D3 attack, This is increase your attack on your assault. Good for when you are locked into combat and desire to breakout from it.

Blood Lance: It fire a Str 8 AP 1 Lance at a straight line on a 4D6 range at any direction of the Libarian Dreadnought. Any enemy unit that touches it take damage. This is good for taking out vehicles that line up in a column.

Unleash rage: Grant preferred enemy as the problem when engaging in close combat is the 3+ to 4+ to hit. So you can reroll those hits and let those str 10 attacks loose!.

Magna Grapple
When i saw this weapon this is the 1st thing that when though my mind.

Its like DOTA Pudge Meathook. Its a 12" Str 8 Ap1 hook that if it glance or pennetrate a vehicles and if the Vehicles isnt destroyed. It will drag the tank at 2D6 distant toward the Dreadnought. So the idea is to drag the enemy vehicles closer to you so you can eitier get it to Melta range or assault.

It a really deadly close combat unit. With a wide array of choice along with an army that can support him. Its just an awesome unit. Only downfall is no long range weapon but then it a dreadnought it mean to go close and tear people up . If you already own a Stormraven there no excuse to not get one as it can transport dreadnought arounds.

So i shall end it with!!


  1. update for whoever who still reading this..

    After some uses with the Frag Cannon. It is proven that It not only murder horde but power armor and terminator armor units.

    Especially if you catch your enemy clump up is where the hurt really shows.

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