Friday, April 15, 2011

Kindred II tomorow. Playing the team game!

Usual blogging for this week shall be interupted as both Me(redeye) and Wong is preping for tomorow Kindred II at Legio Malaysia.

I write something short to make it up.

Team gaming in Tabletop Gaming

Its like playing a typical table top game but this time is you and your partner using 2 armies fighting another 2 armies. In my experience in Video gaming it actually not much different than in table top. The real difference is that you get to know your ally in person so you or your ally cant afford be a jerk as you dont gain the same anonymous as online game.

Other than that the fundamentals are still same. Here are some pointers

- Know your Teammate! This is the problem with PUG or Pick Up Group. Not everyone necessary sucks, Its just that both of you have a different play style and have different expectation. Discuss with your teammate on strategies and tactics so both you can have an agreement on what its expected for both of you.

- Optimize your Army List: If you are expecting a team game coming. Discuss with your Teammate on army list. E.g If your partner have plenty of long range weapons then you can cut that Devastator Squad and get more assault or close combat unit.

- Communication!! : This is important especially during the game. I know its hard to discuss properly in a tabletop game as your enemy can eavesdrop and know your game plan. It is recommended to simulate battles beforehand and workout the outcome then than now.

- Rules : As the standard codex is not meant for team game in mind. Rules can be blurry when allies are involve. So in ways you have to obey RAW(Rules As Written) or RAI(Rules As Intended). Like e.g A Blood Angel Sanguinary Priest grants Furious Charge to all friendly units at 6" means it you ally benefits from it as he/she consider friendly. On contrary Space Marine Cato Sicarius Rites Of Battle only allow Space Marine units to use his leadership 10. So if your ally is not a space marine then he/she cannot use the special rule.

In a nutshell, Team games are meant to be play for fun and not to be taken competitively. So if stuff aint going your way, Dont complain to much.

So that it.. For those who are still not happy... here a funny and addictive song about a sandwich.

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