Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back From Kindred II + Report

Redeye here again.. Just writing up on what happend on Kindred II yesterday.

With Kindred II wrap up i can finally reveal Me(redeye) and Wong army. I apologize for the crappy pictures as i forgot to bring my sexy camera so i had to use my handphone.

Here a brief summary of the army.

Redeye Blood Angel
Libarian HQ(5+ Shield and str 10 sword)
Assault squad (5 men with meltagun and infernus pistol)
Storm Raven x2 (Lascannon and Multi melta)
Furiso Dreadnought (Frag Cannon and Meltagun)

Wong Imperial Guard
Company Command Squad(Plasma Pistol and Grenade launcher x3)
Veterans ( 10 Men with Autocannon)
Vendetta x2( Twinlinked Lascannon x3 + Heavy bolters)
Valkyie ( Multi laser, rocket pod, heavy bolters)

So in the morning as i grab Wong. At first i felt that i could be heading to Legio Malaysia to early but when i arrive there already 3/4 people have arrive . As i guess the Tourney judges reminder of people to come early really did took effect. So we lay our army on the table and people started to notice the amount of flyers we are deploying. The tourney judges compliment us for having a really cheesy army. So not long after that we had a short briefing of the tournament and we off on our 1st round.

Round 1 vs Subhan Daemon and Najmi Chaos Space Marine.
Mission: 3 Objective in the middle of the field.

Our SOP(Standard Operating Procedure) has always been to take out the enemy fire support first then deal the rest later. So we focus on knocking out their Obbys on our 1st turn. They got Juggernaut squad to arrive early so i reckon i send my Furioso Dreadnought in hope i can tie down his Juggernauts. Sadly he only held for 1 turn at best as a squad of Berzerkers with a power fist punch him to destruction. The rest of the game was a scoot and shoot as Wong Vendettas keep kiting his juggernaut while i go take the objective.

However with berzerkers and expendables taking all the objective and time was running out we decide to flatout all the flyers to contest their objective and hopefully end the game with a draw. Unfortunately a squad of bloodletters furious charge the Valkyrie, score a glance and got immobilize damage result hence wrecking it. So they holding one objective we lost the game.

Although it was a really good roll on that but to be fair their Chaos Terminator with combi melta fail to arrive the battlefield as they keep failing their reserve roll.

Round 2 vs Chang IG and Wong(another wong) Blood Angel.
Mission: Capture and Control. Expandables must be at reserve and must come to the enemy long table edge.

This time we go against 3 Leman Russes and Mephisto with Assault squads. So as usual we strike hard firing lascannon and blood strike missile at the Leman Russ. However only manage to stun and shaken them. So eventually the formation was slowly breaking as my Assault squad, Furioso Dreadie and our expandable reaching into their lines. Sadly we didnt had enough time to grab their objective as the game ended at around turn 3-4. So it ended as a draw.

I dunno if it was a good thing or bad thing but their expendables fail to arrive to our table edge. As they couldn't contest our objective but at the same time we cant rake in the kill points from expandables.

Round 3 Carl and Boon Kin Chaos Space Marine and Death Wing Dark Angel(I forgot who own which army)
(Sorry no pics as i totally forgot to take one during the battle)

Mission: Kill points and both Expandables start game lock in close combat.

So we start striking hard by firing missile and lascannon. Only manage to took out a Land Speeder typoon and couple of terminators. Their Deathwing Terminators had cyclone missiles, storm shield and thunder hammers making it really hard to kill given if your opponent rolls are good. So after 1-2 turns of firing the Terminators rarely flinch. Their Daemon Prince flew to aid his Terminator allies. . As the Daemon Prince was close to our lines we diverted fire to it leaving only 1 wound which the Manticore heavy bolter send him back to the Warp.With the Daemon Prince now far from his berzerker squad i send my Stormraven with Dreadnought to the Berzerker squads. So Furioso came out and shot his Frag cannon with meltagun. Nearly wiping out a whole berzerker squad left for one which he got murder in assault

So now Wong and one of my Storm Raven engage their Deathwing Terminators. My other Storm Raven and Dreadnought the other side raking in extra kills by killing their rhinos. The other berserker in fear of the Furioso Dreadnought frag cannon rather assault it than risk getting shot placing me into a tarpit.

While everywhere else going well, Our expandables are not faring well in the close combat battle as our number are slowly thinning out and their expandable took a few losses. Eventually we lost the close combat battle but once they were out of close combat we shot down all their expandable as to avenge our fallen brethens.

In the end we won by a 8 - 3/4(cant remember). For once we manage to play a proper complete game by ending at Turn 6!. So we could truly took advantage of our list advantage and not do anything desperate or stupid.

So by the end of the day we had 1 Win, 1 Draw, and 1 Lost. Although we didnt kick ass but we atleast bought something home. A lexicanum award... as Wong put it A sliver league trophy. I didnt stay for long as i was exhausted and wanted to go back home for some well deserve rest.

Overall technical wise the army was actually pretty good. We had superior firepower and mobility. The reason why couldnt kick ass as the problem there generally they wasnt enough time for each game. So the army depends on scoot and shoot so we lose ground each time they advance. So the idea is that eventually anything will crack under immense fire but with battle ending averagely ending at turn 4-5 is just isnt enough time for it forcing us to take huge risk just to get a favorable outcome.

As for Kindred II. I did had a good time as rarely you get events that deal with team games. Also with all kinds of wacky awards, pizzas and smack talks it was a hilarious time. However my gripe is 2 things, firstly the time for each round was to short in my opinion. Most of the game ended up without completing the full turn 5. I feel that 1 hour 30 min each game is more like ideal condition providing everyone deploy beforehand and familiar with the game. Hence trying to squeeze in new expandable + inhouse rules strike confusion with player and certain army takes time to deploy eats up on that 90 min time frame just isnt enough.Another thing is the noise level. With people roaring and music sometimes it gone to a level even i couldnt hear my own voice. So it was hard to communicate with my opponents as i could barely hear what they say.

I hope people dont take this the wrong way. I not sounding unappreciative to the tourney organizer for their hardwork and dedication on doing this event. I do apprecitate the effort as they are being creative with events but what above it what i feel that need improvement.

I guess back to regular gaming until KIII


  1. 1500 pts and 5 birds... we had total air superiority but got clipped on reality technicals, I guess that is life

  2. 1.5 hours is just enough actually..
    if you know your partner well, you won't need to spend much time to discuss and therefore, play faster..

    my first game, finished on turn 6..second and third game, finished on turn 5..

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