Thursday, March 31, 2011

What type of 40K wargamer are you?

In the tabletop game Warhammer 40K generally you can list down 3 types of people who are in this hobby.

Here is the list of the 3 types of Wargamers

The Gamer
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Just like their name is they are drawn into the table top gaming aspect of the Warhammer40K. So they favor making strong army list than nice models or wether does it make sense. Hence they are given the term of "Power builds" or "Cheese build". Before they commit to any army they usually proxy their forces first to evaluate how effective the army is before buying the models. Their paint job are usually in favor of getting the model on the table than any real artistic value. However some like to hop from different races. As GW tendency to like to making new codex more powerful than the old ones. Also they take great pain to exploit any loopholes from the 40K rulebook and codex. In tournament they usually seek Best generals award as they care less about soft scores.

Likes: Insanely Imba Army builds, Good dice rolls , Glorious victories, Good tactical manuvers

Dislikes: Retarded army list, Bad dice rolls, Bad tactical decision, Bad deployment, Opponents taking to slow to decide, Opponents not bringing their codex or remembering their unit rules.

Would talk about: Tactics, Cheese, Army list, Mathhammer (Calculating Dice probability)

Would blog/write about: Battlereports , Unit review(as in their rules), Tactics, Army list.

The Hobbyist

This group of wargamer are more into the hobby aspect of 40K. This include assembling, painting, conversion, scratch build,terrain building, free hand painting, customize and etc. They place getting their men painted and looking good than making a strong army list. So they are least picky on deciding on an army as they just into making an army which they think is good and just get them very well painted. Some like to go to the beyond where they use things like green stuff , free hand art, and etc to customize their army so they look totally different from the normal models. Forge World love them as this are the people who would spend alot on shoulder pads, Rhino doors, Head piece, or even models(As GW regular models isnt just cut it anymore). Tournaments are important for them also as its a incentive to get the models done and to show off their insane projects.

likes: Well painted models, Nice created terrain, Models with plenty if iconnography, Crazy conversions.

Dislikes: Poorly painted models, Proxies( It dishonorable for them) , unpainted models, models with missing parts.

Would talk about: Painting shedules, type of paint mixture, painting or modeling technique, army theme plans, conversions.

Would blog/write about: Painting tutorial, Army showcase, Conversion tutorial.

The Storytellers.

This people enjoy the fluff (story behind the game) aspect of the hobby. They especially love reading novels from Black Libary( GW book store). They are immerse in the vast story of the 40K universe. When comes to the tabletop they usually will build an army following an exsisting fluff or some like to make their own stories from their models. That why their army list is more in favor to follow a specific theme which has a story about it than overall efficient army. They would actually named each squad, each vehicle and their commanders. They like to chat about their army even in between a game as each model have a story to tell. Their paint job are more or less decent but they take pride in uniformity (Squad markings, insignia, colouring scheme) to represent squad A to squad B.

Like: 40K novels , writing fiction about their forces, armies that obey a specific theme.

Dislike: Power builds that makes no sense, Gamer with no fluff sense, army with no sense of uniformity( no squad marker, no chapter decal, and etc)

Would talk about: 40K stories, their own army stories,

Would blog/write about: Battlereport (Unlike a gamer one this is more of a lengthy fiction of their encounter) and 40K book review.


This is just a form of generalizing as you may pick more than one of this aspect or only have little of all. No matter what aspect you like Warhammer 40K have something for everyone and it what draw people to the hobby.

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