Friday, December 3, 2010

GW Respond on Plastic Imperial Guard Hydra Flak Kits

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Just to share you guys an email i send to GW a while back. As i was just bored at the office and just couldnt stop thinking of the Hydra Flak Tanks and it awesomeness!!

Dear Games Workshop
I am a huge fan of warhammer 40K and i especially love Space Marine and Imperial guard alot.
When i saw the Imperial Guard Hydra Flak Tank on the new 5 edition codex.. I just love everything about that tank.
I would like to know when will you guys create a offical version of the Hydra Flak Tank.
I do not want to buy the Forge World counterpart as i heard complains from friends that you have to do alot of modification just to assemble it correctly. Also i am no master sculptor so modification is just aint my thing so conversion is out of the question.
So i look forward for a plastic version of the Hydra Flak Tank and it be great it come out soon or maybe around the corner. As putting them alot with my Imperial Guard army would be just totally awesome.
So a rephrase When will there be a Hydra Flak Model??..

And this is their reply. Although is a generic reply nothing infomative but still should appreciate GW actually replying the email Hehehe

Thank you for your email. We have passed your email on to the studio as they are always looking for new ideas, although you will most likely not get an individual response. All such ideas are always taken into consideration.
As far as new releases go however we do not get to see or hear about anything that has not yet appeared on the web site or in white dwarf. I hope that this is of help and if you have any problems please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Customer Service
0115 91 40000

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