Thursday, December 16, 2010

Unconventional Dreadnought Pattern that works

Hey in this article I am gonna share with you my experience of using uncommon space marines dreadnought weapons load out and explain how to properly utilise them.
First we have here the "MAXIMUS PATTERN" with assault canon and twin linked auto canon load up.

What is it for: Transport killer and monstrous creatures ranged control. Maximus pattern dreadnought can dish out a total of 6 shots - 4 str 6 rending, 2 str 7 twin linked shots while on the move, making it and ideal platform to lay down fire on weak armored enemy transports or pulling wounds from an approaching monstrous creature. With its walker rules it has a maximum threat range of 30 inches and have the option of going into close combat when needed!

On field experience: Maximus dread can always hide behind a building or a piece a terrain before that start of a battle and later walk out and fire everything utilising its walker rule. A dreaded (pun intended) threat to light armor squadron vehicles and major annoyance for MC such as daemon prince. Just keep your range and try to benefit from cover. Maximus pattern has thus far served me well. In my opinion for the points you pay it is well worth it.

 Second up we have here the "CUSTODIAN PATTERN" with twin linked auto canon and a dreadnought CC weapon with heavy flamer.
What is it for: The Custodian pattern is a by product of necessity. Ever since I started experimenting using scouts as troops as to maximize points for "killy stuff" my scouts has become a staple in my army list. But the thing is while they are happily snipping and taking cover smart opponent will always take advantage of their weaker stats and number thus try to flush them out. The solution? Get the scouts a "nanny", and thus custodian pattern dreadnought is born.

Designed to be an all rounder deterrent for enemy task force that might come to flush your ground holding troops, a custodian dreadnought is equip to deal with threat of all sizes. A twin linked auto canon to take down incoming transports, a heavy flamer for an incoming mob and a CCW for str 10 close combat action. A custodian dread is a threat to but the most committed enemy offense. Extra armor is preferred.

On field experience: I have enough games to see the frown on my opponent's face when he or she is deciding if sending a part of his/her force to take out my dug in troops is worth it when the custodian is near by... like an angry hen overseering her chicks in the shadow.


  1. isnt the custodian pattern nothing more than a Dreadie with a Autocannon

  2. Heavy flamer, bro. That's not a default wear gear. Anyway the article spells out why the war gear is chosen, it is by design and not by either impulse or personal liking

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