Saturday, December 4, 2010

Space Marine Whirlwind

hope you all been liking the post i made for a while.. I sure Wong wont complain much since i filling in for him until he conjure another comic or something..

So for once i decide to make a post that something with less nonsense.

Getting to the point lets talk about the Space Marine Whirlwind

Ah yes The Space Marine Whirlwind Tank.. For those who not familiar, Its a Artillery Tank for all Space Marine Army which include Vanila Space Marine, Blood Angel, Dark Angel, Black Templar and Da Space Puppies. It can fire a choice for STR 5 AP 4 or STR 4 AP 5 Ignore cover safe Pie template 48" . Since it Ordanace Barage you can choose to stay behind cover and fire without LOS or move and fire but LOS is needed. Since its only Rhino armor so they die easily from long range weapons. So you are better off placing behind cover and rely on Barage to bombard the enemy. The reason why this tank is not a commonly use is because unlikely the IG Artillery is damage is no better than a bolter at the minimum. So u aint gonna be killing alot of stuff in the Battle..

Here a intresting video from Fritz 40K.. He is an active 40K blogger esp for those who active in Bells of Lost Soul would know him.

He does make an interesting point about the Whirlwind as a mean to divert attention from your other stuff. It gives objective holder an uneasy time. However against MEQ army or Mech Army they just shrug it off as it no different that a bolter shooting em.

Even against horde and the damage it offer, It wont be enough firepower to break them Since you can only field one tank per heavy support slot.You are relying on a single scatter die( Unless you are ballsy enough to fire it out in the open) and 3-4+ average per turn to break them. Its just not enough..

You may argue that you can just field 3 Whirlwind by using a 1-1-1 but it will eat up your heavy support slot that you need for other things like Devastator, Vindicator, Land Raider and so on..

A simple change me and Wong discuss is that GW should allow Whirlwind to be in squadron rule, Maybe a 0-3 Whirlwinds per Heavy Support Slot. This way in a single heavy support slot you can bring down more firepower per turn. As you got more scatter dice to role per turn hence improving your odds of a hit and having a better chance to cause more wound. ALso it wont be to overpowered against horde army after all... Its only 4+ to wound by average.. So a whole squad aint gonna get wipeout by a single turn.

Think about its its a win-win situation for almost everyone.. Space Marine players has an excuse to buy more whirlwind or have an option to knock out horde army. GW get increase sales on Whirlwind!!.. Everyone is happy well except the horde army but hey.. They got worse things to worry about.(Manticores, Basiliks, Medusa.. ) think about those.. and these whirlwind barage is a walk in the park.

I actually aware that Apoc that Whirlwind have a formation rule that a single Land Speeder can act as a spotter.. but nonetheless its only on Apoc and not on normal games. Since you are going to be playing more normal games than apoc(Duh). So yeah Squadron rule and you solve problems..

So GW... cmon you can do it!!

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