Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Space Marine Terminator, Too much point for to little bang?

Space Marine Terminator or I call em Termies, are the Chapters 1st Company aka The best of the best. As when u are the best you get the best gear right?... WRONG! well not exactly the best in table top terms..

A basic Terminator Squad comes with 5 men in Tactical Dreadnought Armor aka Terminator Armor, Storm Bolter which are Assault 2 Bolters and Powerfist for the termies and Power Weapon for the Sarge. You can add up to 10 Terminator per squad. Also every 5 men you can get an additonal weapon like Assault Cannon or Cyclone Missile or Heavy Flamer. Each of your termies with Powerfist can option to add a chainfist too.

At a surface it looks good,2+ armor, 5+ Invul, Can teleport. around 8-10 shots with the Storm Bolter and Power Fist for 200 pts (Without upgrades). However in reality It sucks.. You are gonna invest 200 points just for 5 Assault 2 bolters and Powerfist. Against Horde you may be mowing them in the open but you are gonna be wasting 200 pts just to waste some lowly creatures. Against MEQ its most liikely they survive from their armor saves

Even their Power Fist, It still can be dangerous agaisnt initiative power attacks that not 1. You can risk dying before even laying a single blow as your 5+ invul safe isnt exactly high chance of survival. The Assault Termies Thunder Hammer also face the same problem but their storm shield (3+ invul) has a better odds keeping em alive.

Dont get me even started with the Sarge. A POWER WEAPON.. that a joke... It wouldnt be so bad if Storm Bolter can grant him +1 on attack. BUT IT DOESNT!.. He like the biggest sucker in the imperium, Most player simply kill him off first when wounds start rising. I just dont understand why cant they just give him a fist also or at least lightning claw.. So he already a burden to the team at day 1 since his aint gonna be killing much with a Str 4 sword even he the only one in the squad that can hit on initiative 4.

Buying upgrades for them can be costly like 35 for the assault cannon,cyclone missile and flamer... which spike your points up on a expensive unit.. A bit more and you can buy a Land Raider Crusader that does the same job as them but better armor.

However they do have useful stuff like the chain fist.. sending them to slice vehicles can proven deadly.

To sum it up.. they not exactly awful but just to expensive for the stuff they can do. Which Assault Terminator can deliver more for the same 200 pts.

A dicussion with Wong suggest that a simple way to fix this is to allow Terminators to be granted plasma gun granting around up 2 Plasma Gun per squad... They can rapidfire and assault at the go. also they can teleport them and can take out 2+ armor Elites or Monstrous. If not then atleast make em bleed.

A opinion of mine is Sarge should be simply screw the power weapon and just get powerfist like everyone else. That sword is better off slicing imperium carrots or some shit..

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