Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tactical Mahreen!! Where mah Shotgun??

Hi Redeye here!!!! When Wong is eitier busy or "uninspired" or just gotten bit by lazy bug.. I shall fill in between those gaps..

Still it was nice he let me post in his blog!

So for my first article i shall take a extract from my recent blog entry at http://redeye117.multiply.com/journal/item/28/Tactical_Mahreen_Where_mah_Shotgun?replies_read=2

Ah yes the Tactical Space Marine.. until now i just dont understand why Tactical Space Marine cannot be equip with Shotguns, Sniper rifle or Combat blade..

Even their Brothers from the 10th Company aka Scouts have actually more weapon option their Battle worthy Brothers..

I understand the Assault Space Marine going chainswords as they need to be in close combat all the time, and Devastator need to pick target off faraway (no sniper rifle is rather imba but make sense)

Yeah i know fluff always glorified the Bolter as this mass killing assault rifle that can explode and pop heads. Which the bolter is always associate with the Adeptus Astartes.. and such...

But in the Table top game all you get is 2 dice for rapid fire.. and murder most people on a 3+ - 4+ . Yeah so answer that on fluff perceptive..

So i say.. I thinks its fair that Devastator and Assault doesn't get additional gun option since there already got load of other option to consider.. but the Tactical Marine could at least have the option to swap their bolter for a shotgun or combat blade since Sniper rifle is a stealthy kinda thing.

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