Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sector War Reports

Purgation Lord's first company formation "Purging Hammer" consisting of 3 squad of assault terminators in 3 variant landraiders went for a quick warm up skirmish practice with the Sanguinary guards before heading to stop traitor Lord General Ian's forces. In the drill skirmish Dante, Master of Blood angels, was "killed".

The Purging Hammer task force went forth and intercepted the heretical forces at the mouth of a hill valley. Cornered but not giving up without a fight, the heretics was smashed asunder by the first company but Lords suffered considerable loses.


Practice drill in Hell Forge sector between the elusive Raptor chapter and Praetors of Orpheus resulting in the defeat of the later chapter. The Raptors utilizing their rare stealth chapter tactic was proven too well dug in for the Praetors' armored convoy.


Chaos Lord Lexiss, long thought banished reappear in CM sector with his warp spawned lackeys. The patrolling Praetors of Orpheus responded by mobilizing their famed armored convoy, despite outmatched and outgunned, Lexiss's forces managed to secure a draw, now the opposing forces settled into an uneasy truce.


For reasons unknown there are sighted reports of Grey knights engagement with the Tau Empire. Supreme Grand Master Draigo, accompanied with but a handful of his paladins was spotted fighting with a full cadre of Tau task force in the sector. It was rumored the Grand Master left the battlefield alone.

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