Saturday, August 13, 2011

Land Speeder Storm- Dedicated transport for Scout?

Lets face it, This is a rarely used or even seen unit for Space Marine codex. It is a inferior unit? No in terms of stats wise it actually a good unit. For 50 pts you get a Land Speeder with Scout rule, Jamming beacon and Scout blazing with Bolter/Shotgun to their enemies .(As they can transport capacity of 5 scouts and open top allow them to fire at enemies)

So what the problem!!.. Its placement in the FOC chart. Just one lone Land Speeder Storm spends one entire fast attack slot. Which it face heavy competition to Land Speeders, Attack Bikes, Assault Space Marine, and Bikes.

So you can get a max of 3 of this and the impact they make to your enemies wont be huge. So my proposal is that to change it to Dedicated transport for scout. ( After all scouts only can ride on them anyway) and soon enough Scout will have a reason to bring their shotguns as they ride out with their Land Speeder ride. Disembarking to punch whoever who insulted their ride.

Mather of fact i did wrote a email GW about and they actually responded.

Here my email

Dear Games Workshop

I find the Land Speeder Storm is a rarely use unit in Warhammer 40K and i rarely see people owning the models within my comunity.

Honestly i actually like the Land Speeder Storm and i find it sad that it is under use by Space Marine players.

I find the problem is that the Land Speeder Storm for just one speeder takes up 1 Fast Attack Slot.

I would like to propose that the Land Speeder Storm to be under Dedicated Transport for Space Marine Scouts. ( After all that thing can only take Scouts). I am sure a simple FAQ can fix this.

I did ask around and players do like the idea and they said they will actually field Land Speeder Storm in their armies if it didnt consume the Fast Attack slot. So i believe that not only people will start buying Land Speeder Storms but more Scouts to carry Bolters or Shotguns or Close combat Weapons.

Thanks for listening a fans request.

Which this is what they responded.

Hi Redeye

Thanks for the email, we have passed this idea on to the design studio on your behalf, however they may not be able to reply due to their busy schedules.


Although its a generic respond but atleast they took a trouble to respond and hopefully my proposal would be considered. Even though is ultra slim but then epic rolls happend.

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