Sunday, August 14, 2011

Battle logs 20110814

Combat drill was held between Ultramarine's Second Company Cato Sicarious's formation and Praetors of Orpheus's armored formation. Despite being outgunned, out speed and out match on paper the Ultramarines won the fight under Sicarious's steady leadership. High light of the battle includes a member of the harden war heroes scoring a glancing hit on a librarian dread with a krake grenade in close combat and immobilising the walker in its place, enabling other elements of the Ultramarine chapter to advance with little opposition.


Fresh from their engagement from Ultramarine's second company formation, the Praetors of Orpheus continued to hone their skill with yet another combat drill with Colonel YH's forces stationed in CM sector. This time the Praetors librarian dreadnought unleashed its wraith on a group of guardsman formed up by 4 infantry squads, not even the threat of a commissar was able to kept the guardsmen in the "fight" for long. The engagement however, ends up in a draw as the Praetors failed to contest the objectives despite having the pressing advantage.


Some surviving forces of traitor Lord General Ian headed deeper into the more remote region of the sector and there according to fragmented imperial reports they met face to face with a Tau expedition forces. There the traitors and the xenos clashed, somewhere in the report is was commented the Tau's SMS weapon has a brutal effect on the traitor guardsmen.

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