Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blood Angel Armor Convoy

Been absent from my usual posting as recently been unemployed and just been not in the mood to write up something.

Anyway i always wanted to write about my Army list but i seem to lack a good picture to show it. So recently courtesy to Wong imba camera i finally gotten a picture of it.

I am sure some of you have already seen this army already. However this is my BA mech spam army that i been working on for quite a while. Overall the army perform well able to handle a variety of opponents.

Here my current 1750 list that i been using for a while

HQ: Libarian (Sword and Shield of Sanguinius)

Honor Guard with 2 Meltagun . 1 combi Plasma and 1 Honor guard with Meltagun and Plasmagun, All equip with jump packs.

Elite: Libarian Furioso Dreadie( Wings and Shield of Sanguinius)

Fast Attack: 2 X Baal Predator with Assault Cannon + Heavy bolter sponson.
Baal Predator with Flamestorm Baal + Dozer blade.

Heavy Support : 2 X Lascannon Predator with Lascannon sponson
Vindicator with Dozerblade

Troops: 2 X Assault Squad with Meltagun
Dedicated Transport: Razorback with lascannon and twinlinked plasmagun

The army is divided for generally 3 separated formation offences, defences and support.

Offences: This consist the Vindicator, 2 Assault Cannon Baal and Libarian Furioso. The Vindi and Baal advance slowly and mantain a base of fire. Their target piority is infantry, monstrous creature and sometimes desperate anti vehicle. The Libarian Furioso follows behind providing its 5+ shield to the tanks . When the formation under attack by assault units so the Libarian Furioso usually uses his Wing to fly ahead of the tanks and assault them. Sometimes i have an Assault squad on razorback in this group if they objective in the middle to secure.

Defences: This group consist the Lascannon Predator, Assault Squad Razorbacks and Librarian. They be at the far corner of the battlefield holding a objective. The Lascannon Predator job is purely anti vehicle usually stopping transport from contesting the objective. Although this group doesnt take alot of attacks but the libarian shield is to protect the tanks when its under attack. His sword is there for last resort assault if enemies manage to go though everything.

Support: The Honor guard and Flame storm Baal are always in reserve. The Honor guard deepstrike to take on any high piority targets meltagun for vehicles and plasmagun for infantry. The Flamestorm baal outflank to take out any troops holding an objective at the far end of the battlefield. Armed with a Str 6 Ap3 flamer weapon most infantry fear this tank.

Overall this list is optimize to take advantage of the Blood Angel fast vehicle and libarian spells. With good array of high Str weapons, Armor 13 overall and mobility this list can handle quite alot of things from hordes to mech spam. However this list comes with limitation as it struggles against list with alot of long range high str weapons. If enemies rolls are good i can potentially lose the game in 1 turn of fire. Also another issue is mass 2+ Elites like Sanguinary Guard or Grey Knight Paladins once they pick off the Vindi they are almost impossible to stop especially if their sv rolls are good.


  1. Blood Angels or Pre-Heresy World Eaters?

  2. I feel incline to create a custom chapter for them at this rate..

    Maybe a 2nd founding BA chapter.

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