Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tissue Paper Cloak on Scout

redeye said...
Does it work on Space Marine Scouts?   Oh, yes.. this one is done with tissue paper, which turned out much nicer. And special thanks to Guarder22 on this thread for the tissue paper tip.


  1. tissue paper, guys?..seriously?

  2. Yes, tissue paper, why would I lie?

  3. Interesting idea there- never thought to use that material. I've always used green stuff for cloaks.

    Does it hold up well? It looks pretty good in the pics! :)

  4. Thanks for dropping by Jeff :D

    Yes with some healthy layers of super glue the material holds fine, nothing short of murderous intend can 'destroy' the final result.

    I have to say I was initially skeptical myself but now a convinced hobbyist.

  5. My pleasure dude. I appreciate you adding AM to your blogroll :)

    I'll keep a look out for more hobby goodness from your blog...