Monday, June 20, 2011

Alternative Rules- Cato Sicarius

.. Meh I should be ashamed to myself that i been into blogging stasis for so long while leaving Wong alone to update it. Just been not having ideas to what to write.

This is series of some sort where i write alternative rules for unit in the game that i feel is seriously under power. This rules are simply experimental rules however feel free to play test it and do give me feedback of what you think of the new rules.

Cato Sicarius...................... 185 Pts

WS:6 BS:5 S:4 T:4 W:3 I:5 A:3 Ld:10 Sv:2+

Talassarian Tempest Blade:
A sacred sword that pass down by generation of Talassari nobility. Its a single handed power weapon that grant its user +2 Strength in close combat.

Mantle of the Suzerain:
As only those who gain the title of High Suzerain of Ultramar is worthy to wear this armor. It is a Artificer armor that grant feel no pain

Captain Banner
Any unit that at 6" of Sicarius may reroll any fail morale or pinning test. Including any squad that attach to Sicarius.

Special Rule

Rite of battle
Any Army with Cato Sicarius may re roll when attempting to seize the initiative and when rolling for mission. Player must accept the 2nd roll even if the 2nd roll is not the mission the player wants.

2nd Company Tactical Space Marine
Any Tactical Space Marine may be upgraded with one of the following rules
Counter Attack...5 pts
Scout............5 pts
Infiltrate.......10 pts
Tank Hunters.....15 pts

Talassarian Tempest Blade
Mantle of the Suzerain 2nd Company Tactical Space Marine
Iron Halo
Bolt Pistol
frag and Krak grenades
Captain Banner

Special Rules
Rite of battle
2nd Company Tactical Space Marine
And There Shall Know No Fear
Independent Character
Combat Tactics

May replace bolt pistol with plasma pistol.....................15 pts

I figure that Sicarius failure lies in that he doesnt perform well in eitier a close combat role or a support role. Beside for the points he cost its like a better deal to eitier get Lysander for CC power house or 10 pts cheaper Vulkan Hestan who peform the support role and a pretty good CC fighter.

So i decide to buff his blade to up his CC skill(noted i took off Coup de grace to compensate)So he now a Str 6 with average of 4-5 attacks.

Another buff i made is how he upgrade the Tactical marine. Instead of a FOC individual upgrade. I made it like a squad upgrade but it need to pay for it.

I made his plasma pistol as an option so player choose to not get it and spend the points on other things or he can commit Sicarius into combat.

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