Monday, May 23, 2011

IG Paper Camo Cloaks

Hi guys, it is me again.

Picture this: You fought against an IG opponent, he set his army in a long formation, his Company command squad is in an area terrain surrounded by heavy weapon teams. Knowing the commander can dish out commands making the HWTs twice as dangerous you commit some of your resource into taking care of the CCS gang. when your opponent rolled his / her cover save 3+ is counted as saved.

"Erm," you said, "cover save is 4+."
"Yeah but my guys have camo cloaks."
"Eh, your guys dont look like they had cloaks."
"Erm, I told you before the game my guys had cloaks, it is just that I don't know how to make them WYSIWYG."

How many of you has hit this scenario before? Please raise your hand :D
This time around I bring you a tip on a new IG upgrade which is useful but with llittle official sprue options: the camo cloak, Conventional method of doing this would be 1. using the sniper cloak on command squad box. 2. Doing it with green stuff. But option 1 is expensive as you got only 1 per box and 0 if you go Catachan and option 2 is erm, messy and skill demanding.

After some research and common sense tweaking I stumbled upon a solution any dude with the minimum modeling skill can do it: using paper. How to do it? First you cut any piece of standard paper into a suitable size, do foldings on them to add the texture and stick it on your dude. After that using white glue (the standard glue 40k hobbyist use for sticking sand on base) diluted with water and run them on the paper using brush, wait for it to dry and you will get a harden paper, does it as many time as your heart's content until the claok reached a hardness you like.

And thats it! Paint them like standard plastic kit and WYSIWYG camo cloaks.


My master vox caster in camo cloak, WYSIWYG

Alternatively ofcourse, you can try forgeworld stuff.

Say what? Paper?

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