Sunday, June 5, 2011

Best Leman Russ Configuration for Knight Commander Pask?

I was going into the Leman Russ R&D lately and trying to figure out the best configuration to fully exploit Pask's capabilities. Here are what I came out with:

Leman Russ Exterminator with hull mounted lascanon, plasma canon sponsons and pintle mounted heavy stubber + squadron in with any tank you see fit (But for myself I choose a vanilla battle tank with no sponsons and hull mounted heavy bolter, just to save point.)

On paper the Pask's ride is a beast, when dealing with hostile vehicle as long as the tank is staying still, benefiting from the crack shot rule it can dish out 4 x twin linked str 8 shots, 2 plasma canon shots at str 8 and a str 10 lascanon shot at BS4.

When dueling with Monstrous creatures, my Hand of Steel can dish out 4 twinlinked str 7 shots, 2 plasma canon shots at str 7, 1 lascanon shot at str 9 and 3 shots heavy stubber at str 4 all at BS4 with the ability to reroll to wound, not too shabby.

Clocking at 265 pts this Hand of Steel is one heavy investment but one shot of stunt or shaken will knock it off for a round, nulling all your investment which is why I highly recommend putting another tank with it to benefit from the squadron rule, in which case you can always assign the glancing or penetrating hit to the "red shirt" tank while Pask continue to dish out damage.

I took it out for a spin last week and gotta say I am liking it, alot. A few reminders though:-
> At such a heavy investment Pask's squadron will have incredibly high agro value, take extra precausion on opponent's possible suicidal attack attempts on it.
 > Crask shot only works if Pask stayed still, so take a really good look as where to deploy the fella. The longer he can stay put and put his fingers on trigger instead of steering wheel, the better.

That's all for the moment, feel free to comment and if you have better ideas or interesting experience with Pask, let us know!

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  1. Punnisher-lascannon hull-multi melta sponsons.
    1. I can reliably kill entire squads of anything regardless of what armor is worn.
    2. Every vehicle armor 13 or less has fallen to the cannon alone and I have managed to poke a couple glancing holes in a land raider on more than one occasion.
    3. Snap shooting at flyers I reliably cause a couple glancing hits, and this is against armor 12 flyers. Forcing to jink.
    The punisher configuration can truly stand up to absolutely everything in the game with huge success.
    I always have an Executioner-lascannon hull-plasma cannon sponsons as his partner.
    Foot slogging guard provide a much needed meat shield denying drop pod meltas their 6 inch range and providing a few turns till assaults can reach them. The 24 inch range of the weapon has yet to be an issue with me.