Monday, March 7, 2011

5 Top Reasons Why People Play Space Marine

5. Space Marines are (generally) The Good Guys

In the Dark and grim future of 40k universe where aliens and daemons are more than fairy tales, you need the good guys to keep the average innocent people safe and space marines are on top of that list.
4. Power Armor look awesome
 Like the knight in shiny armor, except not necessary shiny and more awesome.

3. (Very) Strong Official Support
It is open secret space marine enjoy the most support from GW when it comes to modeling department.
2. Superiority Complex (Atleast in Their Mind)
Space marines are supposedly super soldiers, at least on fluff where as the reality can be totally different on table top, but the thing is people buy that.

1. They are The Poster Boys of 40k Universe
If 40k can be summed up in an image the bet is that there will be space marines in it. The images of space marines is the very image of 40k.

1 comment:

  1. For 2. Superiority Complex

    Well its more to when they fantasize the 40K universe.. of cos they dream the space marine.. comming down from the heavens, able to smash dozen of orks and people literally worship you.

    Not something any mere grunt in our today world will ever get hehehe.

    However on Table Top.. Chaos was really popular for a short time.. They are like our goody 2 shoes poster boys but more evil..

    Now.. its all BA . BA here BA there.. So much for the Ultra.. U