Friday, March 25, 2011

Redeye Wargaming history

For this time i decide to write something about myself for once.. I must warn you that it is rather long.
It’s been almost 2 years since i started playing Warhammer 40K or hell even tabletop itself.
It was actually around 2006 to know 40K from a Video game call Dawn Of War. Mather of fact that how I met Wong and Lexis. So back then Me, Wong , Lexis and a group of friend would play 3 vs 3 to 4 vs 4 Dawn of War almost every Saturday at a cybercafé.
So eventually the game itself died off and we were running out of things to do.

Wong had started 40K way earlier than me so Wong came introduce the game to me and another friend (Andy if some off you may know him) first. We borrow Wong Space Marine figures for a 1000 pts game. I remember that time making the army list I was building the army base on Dawn of War. So was going around asking stuff like AP and the different between Power Fist and Power Weapon. I play Space Marine and Tau at Dawn of War but I couldn’t decide what to play at table top. So asking the senior they were saying that Tau weak and underpowered. I end up with playing Space Marine as already got Wong for initial support.

So just like that I started mustering up a force. Initially Wong sold me some of his spare stuff from Assault of the Black Reach set. Also I got some stuff from online. So the initial army was horrible as the army was made to make the best of what I have and proxy stuff from Wong.
So later on Lexis join into the fray and just like his love for Chaos Space Marine in Dawn of War he carries them to tabletop. Since we both were at more or less the same skill level so we played with each other a lot. However unlike me he was quick to pick up the game next thing u know I was actually getting badly beaten by him.

My first time at Legio Malaysia was during a Combat patrol army. I end up with some terrible army and terrible paint job. It was so terrible that almost everyone made fun of it. People call it the joker marines due to the red paint way off the eye lense. So obvious I got my ass badly kick but at least I get to know the community.

Due to that I muster forces base on whatever I have so I always have this basic infantry force of tactical marines, assault squad and few vehicles. I have this bad experience with infantry as it seem to me in 40K almost everything it out to kill this power armor warriors. My men been blasted and slain by every AP3-AP2 , power attack or crap load of wounds. It was this bad experience that laid seed to what my current army is all about now. So I have this desire to go for full mechanize, hence I started with this love for Space Marine Predator. So from them I had always been included in my army list. Most people even Wong question on why do still stick with them for so long. It was hilarious back then on how many rendition of proxy I have made for them especially with Wong rhinos.

My 1st proper Space Marine Predator was when Herbert loan me his Predator Tank(Thanks Herb!!) So I end up going online and purchase my first batch of Vehicles(2 Predator tank and 2 Razorback). When the moment it arrive I was actually thrilled maybe more like extremely happy. So eventually I got my 2nd batch of vehicles from Alvin(2 Razorback 1 Predator). Hence the beginning of my Mechanize army. From that on the 1st thing people say is that “Woah so many tanks!!” Even my Bro who not a 40K player question about my army. He ask about doesn’t the game is more about infantry than tank.. so I said mine is the opposite. I keep infantry at bare minimum in favor of more tanks. So as time goes by I always buy my force periodically so it took almost a year to get everything I wanted for my army.

At some point I was at this losing streak until a level Wong was like asking me what the hell I was doing in games. So at some point he ask me to get some Assault Terminators but I said I don’t have the models. So he go tell me go proxy Assault of the Black Reach termies and I go loan Peter Land Raider(Thanks Peter!!). I did had mix success with them so I end up getting my Assault Termintor and Land Raider from Alvin sale.

So only now I actually gotten almost everything I need for my army and I sitting comfortably with my Blood Angel Mech spam army. It feel quite a while already and sitting with almost Rm3000 of forces and still counting.
Hmm what will the future holds for me in 40K…