Sunday, February 26, 2012

What I learned about myself from getting into 40k

Warhammer40k can be a very heavily invested hobby, the money, time, effort involved from getting started to really fielding a fully painted WYSIWYG sizable army on a gaming table can lead to surprising self discovery when you look at the pattern of events / work flow concerning the hobby.

Here are what I learned (more) of myself, thanks to my experience from involving with 40k.

1. Mostly a Dreamer, and likes to keep options open

One thing I learned about myself is that I am mostly a dreamer, as in I spend most time thinking of making stuff than actually doing them, a sub trait of this is that I like to keep options open. Say I have 2 storm ravens, when I acquire those 2 birds it was learned the new comng Grey Knight codex will have access to them too... since I have both armies I simply primed them black and wait to see which army needed them more. Problem is since both armies have mutual need for the gunships until now they are just primed black. A scheme is now on the work as to how to finish them in such a way both armies can deploy them without looking odd on either side.

2. I am a messy person

In all context -- I have tonnes of half finished projects, bits flying here and there, impulse buys sitting idle, war reports to file, life obligations to attend and minis all over the place. Yes this is one hell of a mess, and having more than 3 armies don't really help in this aspect. Atleast now it is obvious, I am working on to rectify this, I promised to the throne.

3. Glass is usually half empty for me

Call it the experience learned in life or reflex memory, whatever; when it comes to predicting dice roll or game outcome generally I will come to be prepared for the worst, or the not so good to happen at the critical moment. May it is half a life time of disappointment, or may be I am just pessimist but I always keep my fingers crossed at game deciding critical rolls... for like the famous 40k quote itself "hope is the first step to disappointment", life can be a bitch most of the time and being not having too much expectation itself can be a form of protection.

 4. I am slow at adeptation
"What must I do again?"

One thing I noticed of myself is that it would seems I was never the first to pick up a new army and run the cheese before the FAQs come putting off fire and doing damage controls. Rushing in with shinny new toys and bashing other people before they know what to do might just not be my kind of thing. Infact I was a player of the old daemon hunter codex, but it took me a couple of months after the release of new shinny grey knight codex for me to pick up steam in it.

5. and... (Thank the throne) I still aspire for greater stuff

Despite all the self beating mentioned above I still find myself aspire for better stuff, like may be one day getting an air brush for real, learning more painting methods, explore new tactics, starting yet another army with more self promises and stuff. Thank the throne I still want to get better and more from life, for that, might be the most precious gift of all.

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