Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stormraven Gunship

Well for once i wont be doing a sort of analyze of unit X on why they suck or rock.. However i want to talk about the looks of it. This picture was mistakenly added by GW in their website by mistake and was taken down quickly, However thanks to the internut its now freely distribute around da world.

So far this is more to an unofficial picture of this beloved plane.. which the moment fans laid their eyes on it. Some actually was at disgust as they felt it is to small for a transport plane. Going to extend saying more like a fish than a plane..

I know some may say that since its unoffical so it could be a prototype and the decision is not final. I guess in some way so long as they isn't a official model kit for sale then anything is still possible.

My take on why people is disgusted on it is the expectation that people had. As early rumors goes around saying its a flying land raider with 2 assault cannon. So instantly people grasp the concept that its a Land Raider with wings so they expect this Land Raiderish plane. So when they find out its a tiny flying troop transport they get turn off instantly. You can google Stormraven Gunship up and you see tons of scratch build version that involve taking the front of a Land Raider and blending it some flyer.

Well for me for the moment i feel the it actually look nice. It feel more like a high tech equivalent of a Attack Helicopter that drop troops and provide fire support than some Tank with wings. Maybe it just my references with Modern day Military vehicles that bring appeal to me..

Well i guess this is a short one for the moment.. I see if i can try to update more often.

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