Thursday, January 13, 2011

A 40k Novel hobbyist Review - REDEMPTION CORPS by Rob Sanders

REDEMPTION CORPS is a imperial guard based novel centers on Major Mortensen, leader of a stormtrooper corp dubbed the "Redemption Corps". Attached to the 1001st Volscian Shadow Brigade which is mainly made up of murderous hive gangers so dangerous assassination of commissars is common occurrence, and the redemption corps are the tough guys there so go figures. As a side note for some one who is also reading the celebrated Caiphas Cain series I doubt the beloved commissar would even last working along some of these murderous scums, also noted another hero in the book, Krieg, is a commissar of sort.

But enough of the book's background, there are lots of review readily online and I am not going to join them throwing my 2 cents on the book, I am here to shared what a table top gamer would see in the book.

Of the main man Mortensen himself, well lets just say from a gamers POV he definitely have the Feel-No-Pain and stubborn (or fearless as some suggested, but I am more inclined to put the major in stubborn) USR. I have the impression the Major usually drink testerone for breakfast and eat steroid for lunch... well you get the idea.

Of the vehicles interestingly the corp's main choice of land transports comes in the form of  Centaur Light Assault Carrier instead of the run-the-mill chimeras. A non conventional tank that is currently not available in Codex: IG. These guys are usually drop in by Imperial navy Specter gunship escorted by Vultures and Valyrie. For the heck of myself I couldn't find any official data regarding this "Specter" class transporter. Must be a new addition or I am missing the elephant in the forest.

In hand held weapon wise in the novel things are pretty standard: las guns, hell guns for stormies, flamers, shotguns, stubbers... nothing much out of the ordinary, all your friends are here but they sure as hell dun melta spam like we do.

As for the novel goes one last hint: you would wonder what did the Major do to pissed off some people so high up to justify some seriously lopped sided investment. We are talking like paying 140++ points to get rid of a 16  points (okey, so he is a hero, another 40pts upgrade, may be?) model here and hell lot of troubles to get rid of him, but it is all fun-and-grim in the dark future.

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