Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Brag First Despair then..

"Heretics? Mutants? Xenos? No problem..."
Yes, The idea is that before you engage any future tabletop battles. You should brag or local term "Lan Ci" or trash talk before fighting someone.

However do to people who knows you enough that you are not being an asshole or a douche of the matter. Or at least apply to a level that people wont take it offensively but sufficient to show your point.

The point of doing this is like imagine if you are fighting some uber cheese army *cough* Obbys *cough* Peter.. So most people will either despair (if their army isnt up to the cheese) or react cautiously/ humbly(if they think their army has potential). So if you win great.. but if you lose... then it just lead to despair that you been obliterated( no puns intended)

So my tip is before you start the game... BRAG all the way..!! Whatever u want.. even tho it makes no sense.. either your unit capabilities or the fluff behind it even if you made it up..
So if you win.. Excellent then the reign of bragging continues and is reinforce. If you lose.. you may despair but atleast you still got some moment out of it.

So now lets look at the 2 scenario now, One is u despair before you fight then you despair again when you lose. Another is u brag, gloat and trash talk first then you despair from losing.. So since both action end you up the same hole. So why not brag now.. what you gotta lose, You gonna get your ass kick either way so enjoy the moment before it too late.

Actually there a deeper meaning in this action. Its not about being tactically superior or just being a complete idiot/asshole/douche. Its actually staying positive.. The bragging is not for your enemy is for yourself. So at grim moment you do this to have a positive mindset in the battle. It may keep you focus so may see an opening to sneak a victory from a vastly superior player.

That what all this is all about.. staying positive.

Cos when life brings you down.. Look on the bright side!.. You gone from nothing and you gone back from nothing. So what you lost? NOTHING!!
-Monty Python

Even in movies, Who get remembered.. The gung ho show off commander who overestimate his capabilities or The humble or cautious commander?... Since both of them are gonna get their ass kick from insane plot armor, plot ammo, highly accurate , skilled or well talented main characters. Of course the gung ho commander or else such quotes would never be remember.

So i shall leave you such quotes
" Impossible, nothing can go though our shield"
" Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances.”

I am sure you can find such quotes of equivalent in any movies you encounter... So feel free to take them for your bragging moment...

P.s:... Honestly i not sure wether is this a motivation entry or simply pure humor... This was a crude joke i made with Wong and i have no idea what this post simply serve.. So anyone of you reading this it mean alot for me if you comment on what you think this entry is suited for.

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