Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Painting The Throne of Judgement

While working on the throne, I began to understand why Cheng vowed to ban fine cast. This stuff feels like resin but does not react in the same way to super and plastic glue, the whole experience felt... weird. To add insult to injury, upon close up inspection certain details / connecting parts just don't live up to the "fine cast" status they claimed nor does it felt justified the for the price they demand.

My verdict for fine cast? While it is "fine" per say but expect less than what is promised by the GW promotional text. Anyway I just got a new macro lens for my brother's DSL and wasted no time in documenting the painting effort.

Primed and ready for paint!
Flanked by standard GK rifle dreads

Phase one painting complete, a few more hours into the details, details, details into this bad boy and he should be ready for battle.