Sunday, October 2, 2011

Repainting a Basilisk

Recently a friend of mine has sold me 2 basilisks on generous price. Having recently decided to paint all my IG tanks on this camouflage scheme first conned by another friend, I got down to work.

When the basilisks arrived, they looked like this.

Layers of grey paints, drying and repainting and weathering later.

Also experimenting on modular camo nettings, just because... they made the tanks look extra realistic and hard core. I prefer my IG tanks to look like real tanks than toys.

As you can see, the nettings are remoable, just the way I like it. WYSIWYG incase I decide to buy camo netting upgrades for my tanks!

Oh yes, I will need to attach back the ladder later...


  1. Thanks Jeff, Oh I see you were also stuck in Space Marine haha, it is like crack from the dark grim future.