Sunday, October 23, 2011

My CMM tournament report.

Although i promise myself to write this up as soon i return but procrastination takes its toll. So without futher ado lets begin.(Sorry no pics as i didnt had much chance to take)

Here my Army list for the tourney

Libarian - Sword + Shield
Assault Squad- Meltagun + Infernus Pistol
Scouts - Sniper rifles, Camo cloaks and Missile launcher
Furioso Dreadnought - Frag Cannon + Bloodfist with Meltagun
Attack Bike Squad - 2 Bikers with Mulitmelta
Stormraven - Assault cannon + Multimelta

So first thing in the morning i grab Wong and head to Midvalley. When we arrive Jinn let us view the list of game mission that he be randomly picking them. Some of them were unique and some were really gay or he call it funky. (Fyi the tourney is 3 rounds sort off swiss with random mission)

So more or less around 10:30am. Jinn randomly pick the pairing (I didnt get to watch Wong game so i hope he write his POV)

Round 1
Vs Jake(Tau)
Modified KP ( Every troop choice dies is 1 point)

It was a quick game as I won roll off so i go first. I send everything except the Scout to the front flat out. Jake attempted to take out my Stormraven but his Broadside only got a glance and i pass the cover safe. Next turn i send everyone to take out his Firewarriors while the Stormraven shoots the Broadside. By turn 3 I wipe out everything in the battlefield. So TA victory for me.

Round 2
Vs Zaki( Nid)
Modified objective (every turn troop secure objective is 1 point)

It was a pretty tough game especially Zaki rolls was insanely above average. I couldnt go near the objective as the Mawloc and Genestealer was wreacking havoc into my lines. Highlight of the day was my Frag Cannon inflicting almost 24 wounds on his nids. However by the time i could handle his troops i was to behind in points. So lost.

Round 3
Vs Mark( Chaos)
Modified 1 + 1 (Wack enemy objective to win)

Another straight foward game. He when first so i decided to reserve my stuff except scouts and bikes. So my bikes go straight after his Land Raider which they blew it up. Later on when my Stormraven arrive i send the whole team to kill the Daemon Prince. After dispatching the Daemon Prince I send Furioso to engage his Plague Marine while i send my Libarian and Assault Squad to assault the objective. So another TA victory for me.

Frankly this tourney i was trying hard to think of an army list. As the limitation is huge for me which limit your slots for Fast, Heavy and Elite. Also with little intel of opposing force i decide to take unit that in my experience are reliable. Although the tourney did mention basecoat only but i decided to just get my Scouts painted anyway. I guess i felt i needed to prove a point or something.

Definately Furioso Dreadnought his AV13, Str 10 and Frag cannon definately came handy in most situation.


  1. Thanks.. I guess now is back to the campaign

  2. for me, in 1000pts, Vindicator is crazy..but that's just me..

    nice job dude!
    see you in the campaign..great to have you as a regular..

  3. Vindi is sort off a awkward position at small point game. Not much models can bring it down as it rain its shells but at the same time it can be pretty defenceless as small point game aint gonna get u escorts.