Sunday, September 9, 2012

6th Edition on field experience

From the few games I had on 6th edition few things are clear:

1. Tactical marines on rhino still does not work en mass; yes they are buffed, but others got buffed much more. Things got worse if you take into consideration allies shenanigans are in.

2. Land Raiders are solid as ever.

3. Vindicators are no longer joke.

What does this means for the long delayed project Ultramar? Well we are locking down the units which are in the  "must be in" catogory. Current list as below:

-Cato Sicarious (d'oh)
-Assault Terminators, all hammers! No Sissy claws!
-Tactical marines with Rhino/drop pod
-Scout squad
-Sniper Scout squad with Telion
-Land speeder storm
-Land Raider (still determining the pattern, but probably god hammer)

The undetermined units:-
-Thunder Fire canon
-Storm talon
-Assault marines with drop pod


While reading the new rule book, we noticed a few things which could fundamentally change the load up of a few key units. Basically the scope of new shenanigans are endless for the new edition, a good thing in my opinion.

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  1. I think adding Cassius to Termie squad can be helpful.

    Although he nerf in areas like FNP 5+ and Crozium is AP4 but atleast now he can eat Vindi round and still take FNP.