Thursday, October 21, 2010

In the Grim Darkness of Future, there is not only war, there are war noobs as well...

The purpose of the blog, as the name suggested, is to chronicle my observations and off-beat experience on my venture the grim and dark future of 40k universe.

I will start with the introduction of my space marine army: The Purgation Lords

Now  before you start rolling your eyes are cursed "another Sphess Mahreens " army. Let me take a moment to explain the color scheme, this was done through a series of strategic analysis for the army's future expansion sake.  

Due to the massive resource hogging nature of the 40k hobby, it is not uncommon most of us will want to make the most of our "investment". This army is no exception. Through a series of careful considerations and cunning selections, my chapter color scheme can be fitted nicely into almost all existing marine based codex... "almost" being the key word here, but that is ok. The rationals behind can be best explained with the following comic.


  1. cocky wey~ heheh like the way the marines cries~

  2. Glad you guys like what i have done till the moment. Will be adding more stuff for sure! :D

  3. Yeah he was telling me for a long time about his army so called versatile colour scheme...